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Jul 9, 2007 07:34 AM

Chinese/Japanese in Albany, NY Area

Where can one get good chinese or japanese food in the Albany area. Don't care for the places on Wolf Road such as Emperors, etc. Been to Koto but not that impressed. Can anyone help us out?

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  1. For Japanese, try Saso's. The chef is really from Japan. Without a doubt, the best sushi in the area. Some of the appetizers that we've tried are also very good. No, it's not like the neighborhood sushi places in Japan (my favorite country to visit) nor the fabulous places on the west coast. But it's as good as it gets in Smallbany. Website is It does have it's own parking lot, so no need to worry about parking on the street.

    Chinese is a bit more difficult. As a rule-of-thumb, if you never see Chinese people in a Chinese restaurant, the food is bad. On the other hand, Americans don't usually like authentic chinese tasting food. The newish Chinese restaurant in Newton Plaza on the west side of route 9, just south of Hoffman's, does have chinese families dining there. It's the only Chinese restaurant lately where I've seen Chinese people dine.
    By the way, I'm not being racist; I'm asian myself and my family had previously owned 3 restaurants.

    Is Koto the quasi-japanese place at the end of wolf road, near the airport? That place is horrible, and the wait staff rude. Dunno why it's so popular. Something to be said in business about catering to the masses. It's as bad as the one next to Albany Memorial Hospital.

    1. Ocean Palace is still very good, on Central Ave. Also on Central Ave., try CCK (look on this board for some posts about it.)

      1. I agree with Saso's and Ocean Palace. I wouldn't bother with CCK, though. It was too greasy for my tastes. I'd recommend the chinese joint next to the Hong Kong Bakery, which, coincidentally, is right next to Saso's. Actually, the Hong Kong Bakery serves great Chinese too. I usually order from there instead of the place next door. It's cash only, and really good/authentic.

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