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The All State Cafe slated to be shut down

The Upper West Side will never be the same! This place is a staple - with a customers like "Cheers" and the best burgers and fried chicken in the area.
I just found out that the landlord is hiking up the rents so high that they can't keep it going anymore. Since 1969!
Any other fans out there? Does anyone have ideas for how we could help?
They have a petition running at the bar too...

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  1. Huge fan of the All State, will be sad to see it go! Any news on when they're supposed to close?

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      This is disappointing. P&G Bar & Grill has a similar problem as I hear.

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        I was there Thursday night. They say there is a court hearing on Tuesday (14AUG07) and they're hoping for the best.

      2. What a bummer. Just a great spot here in the neighborhood. I will have to load up on burgers and all state amber ale this summer!

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          The All State is set to be closed on the 13th of this month. This Friday! Terrible! Go this week if you can to get your fix and sign the petition. Not sure how much good it will do - but it's something!

          Just makes me sad that so many neighborhoods in Manhattan are loosing their authenticity... And that this is how the people who have worked so hard to keep a small, popular, business afloat for so long get thanked.

        2. Disaster! One of the last of the true neighborhood snuggeries. And where else can normal people afford to eat? When I was there on what was almost the last night, Friday the 13th, everyone was having a lovely time. Best burger in NYC to boot, and so it has been for 35-plus years. Landlords be damned for all time!

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            I walked by earlier today and they were still open - didn't have time to stop in and get the update.

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              I noticed they were still open on either Sat or Sun. At least I saw patrons coming out. Hope springs eternal. If only they could recommence elsewhere...I had wonderful times there in years past.

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                That is sooo sad. It was the only restaurant I ever went to when I lived in that neighborhood and the staff was so lovely. What a shame....Hope it's not replaced by another Starbucks.

          2. No! No! What an awful thing to read first thing Sunday morning. I've been going to All State for more than 30 years. I used to edit manuscripts at the bar when I just didn't feel like being home alone. It's the only place I knew I could go and people would just leave me alone if I wanted to be left alone. It's where I learned how to feel comfortable having dinner by myself. It's always been my go-to for hanging out with friends and getting something decent to eat without any hassles. And where will I go for hamburgers now? Oh, this is very, very sad. Will get up there to sign the petition today. Although, with what's happening to the nabe, I don't have much faith.

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              Like so many of my "places" that close, I always have this unrealistic fantasy that they should be able to just move the whole operation to another location with a more forgiving rent. Of course, it doesn't work that way. Still, I had amazing nights at the All State and some great writers drank there. I wonder if there is any talk of regrouping elsewhere....

            2. This will be a great loss to the neighborhood. I've celebrated many events at the All State, and always enjoyed the good chow and friendly atmosphere. The weekend brunchs were always good. I just talked to them on the phone and they're still open, as of August 17. I'm going to eat there tonight!

              1. For the record, The All State is STILL serving! Their bar was open this week-end and has been every time I bike by! Perhaps the owner is letting them continue while the space is on the market. A sign said the kitchen was closed for a day or so due to a grease fire, but the the bar is still open. I imagine by now the kitchen is back up too.

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                  does anyone know the inside info on this place?

                2. Since when is a $10 burger withOUT fries and a buffalo wing appetizer that comes with a whopping 4 wings and no buffalo sauce affordable and good??? The landlord is doing us all a favor.

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                    Too bad that is how you feel. This place is one of the greats on the UWS. A home away from home. I will miss it terribly.

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                      I'd have to agree with Mr. lookingforpig. I live just down the street and drop in once in a while and am always underwhelmed. At the tables a few weeks ago a diner asked for a guiness draft - which they don't have - and the waitress brought him one poured from a can without informing him. Not good bar etiquette if you ask me. And, just like P&G, the petition thing is amusing. As if the landlord will decide to give up revenue as a charitable exercise for the benefit of... what exactly? Twenty or thirty regulars? Now, when the Dublin House closes, that will be a tragedy.

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                        I guess hope springs eternal. I'm still waiting for the Cedar Tavern to re-open. The All State has always been about seeing old regulars, very much the CHEERS model. In fact, I believe that show's director, James Burrows used to drink there sometimes.

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                          i never even tried this place (although I am in the nabe) but i want to make sure it will still be around before i try it. no sense in growing attached to a place (even if it's merely a place for burgers and drinks, taking the comments above into consideration) that will be torn out in the near future.

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                            Cedar Tavern is not reopening, by all accounts. It has been turned into a condo building. Word is that famous old bar has been sold to a couple of investors in Austin, TX who will be installing it in a bar there.

                    2. The NY Times has a story today stating it closed Wednesday night.

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                          In this vein, is Chumley's open again?

                          1. re: bronwen

                            Here's a fairly recent report from eater.com:


                            On the other hand, wikipedia, for what it's worth, is saying that Chumley's won't be reopening at all. I know there was a report here within the past few months that said essentially the same thing, but I can't seem to locate it.