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Jul 9, 2007 07:24 AM

Grand Sichuan Midtown and Nice Chinese Restaurant

Imagine the shock of finding the stalwart Nice Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown shuttered tightly forever, as we did yesterday morning. It was open and bustling just a few short weeks ago. Sure, it's had its ups and downs (tough to weather those rave reviews 10 or 15 years ago), but its Chinese crowd seemed to have returned in force and, after dining there for over 20 years, I sure will miss it.

And this sad surprise follows by only a month or two the sudden closing of Grand Sichuan Midtown, a Chinese restaurant so good it often seemed unnecessary to travel all the way to East Broadway.

Anyone know what happened to these two places? High rent? Retired owners? They sure disappeared without a word of farewell.

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  1. i know grand sichuan midtown was high rent, i know one of the waiters (who is now at st marks) and he said they were trying to more than double the rent on them

    1. Oh, that's truly disappointing! Nice was my back up for Dim Sum.

      Grand Sichuan Midtown ? Is this the hells kitchen or the Lex location?

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          i thought it was open when i went past 2 weekends ago. when did it close?

          1. re: kam0424

            The 9th Ave/50th Street branch closed in mid-March.