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Jul 9, 2007 07:19 AM

Chance on Smith

My wife and I visited Chance on Smith St for dim sum on Sunday afternoon. It was our first time there. We had such a tasty, inexpensive meal that I thought I'd write a quick post. The dumplings were steamed to perfection, the fillings perfectly spiced and the sauces a perfect complement. We had beef, pork, shrimp, scallop and sea bass dumplings. The scallop was by far the favorite and the sea bass was the only "so-so" dumpling. Highly recommended for Chowhounds. Let's keep this place open!

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  1. I love Chance. I'm addicted to their sweet sesame beef. I usually go there for dinner or get delivery, but if I recall correctly they have a good daily lunch special. I've had great service every time I've gone.

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    1. re: hercules q. einstein

      I too ordered from chance last week. I love their dumplings and the miso cod is always good

    2. I'm more so-so on Chance because they use WAY too much MSG. Food is okay but not a huge step up from your average cheap Chinese corner spot. Lunch is a bargain but their dinner prices are really out of whack. On the plus side, I like the kitschy decor.

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        I totally disagree. I think Chance is light years better from any of the chinese in the neighborhood. This is Cobble Hill afterall, land of the worst chinese take out I've ever been surrounded by (well I used to like Empire Kitchen, but they closed).

        We tend to sit at the bar and order lots of dim sum, fried rice, duck, etc. The food is always very fresh and well seasoned. The staff is very friendly. Good cocktails. Have had great experiences with delivery too.

        It's nothing amazing but I think its very unfair to put it in the same breath as the crappy chinese corner spots.

        1. re: Spectator

          I 100% disagree.


          Because when I consume MSG, my heart rate goes up, I sweat and I get rashes.
          And I have eaten at Chance probably 1-3 times a month since they opened.

          No way. No MSG. Not possible. Otherwise they'd have killed me by now.

          1. re: Larry Brooks

            Granted I had General Tso's chicken (i.e that red sauce), but I know for a fact there was a ton of MSG in my food because I had a definite reaction and could tell from the taste. I'll back off from my comparison to bad Chinese, but for my money there are way, way better eating options on Smith Street like Em or Zaytoons. I can never understand why Chance is always so packed, but such as it is.

            1. re: Spectator

              When is Chance packed? I rarely see more than two tables filled... it's not as sad as Sapodilla or Sur, but it's pretty much a ghost town most of the time.

              The Chinese in this nabe is pretty bad, but from what I've had off the lunch menu this place doesn't go above and beyond for most "staples".

              Andy's on Montague is (sadly) the best in the area that I've found. I like that they use panko crumbs on the chicken for some of the dishes...

        2. I really like Chance as well. It's not a destination restaurant, but when I'm in the area and need a quick meal at a great price, it's definitely one of my go-to's. Have you ever had their foie-gras dumpling? It's ... interesting. HaHa. You should try it when you go back.

          Great prix-fixe menus as well.

          1. Chance is great. I particularly recommend their peking duck -- it is really fabulous! The duck is perfectly done and served with julienned, crunchy scallions, cucumbers, and slivered almonds, along with the usual hoisin sauce and pancakes. Really delicious!!