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Jul 9, 2007 07:17 AM

Pizza Fresca/Via Emilia-- thoughts?!

Thinking of going to one of these places for dinner tonight. Was looking for people's thoughts on them? Particularly Pizza Fresca, as I have found very little on the boards about it and am leaning more in that direction. Thanks!

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  1. Via Emilia is a great neighborhood spot. The pumpkin tortoloni, chicken & mushroom ravioli, and squid ink linguini are all delicious. The salads are so-so. I recommend the Villa di Corlo DOC(G?) Lambrusco di Sorbara. Goes great with everything... just think of it as red champagne.

    Haven't been to Pizza Fresca, so that being said, please go there. Then let everyone know how it was.

    1. Here's a post about La Pizza Fresca from last year.

      I like Via Emilia OK. It's a good place for bargain Italian if you're in the area, but not worthy of a destination, IMO.

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        I would characterize Via Emilia as a fair bit more than "bargain Italian." Their homemade pasta dishes are excellent IMO--among my favorites are the pumpkin tortoloni (did they used to have a pumpkin ravioli too?) and the lasagna. Haven't seen the squid ink linguine at the new location yet. (OK, "new" is almost a couple of years now!) Worth going out of your way for IMO. Their modernish but sedate environment at the new location is an interesting mix.

        Pizza Fresca is a nice dining experience. I only recall having their wild mushroom risotto, but it was very good. I've been there a few times and have enjoyed the food, but can't recall the other dishes I've had.

      2. I like Via Emilia's pastas. I haven't been to Pizza Fresca

        1. Pizza Fresca is wonderful!!! The pizza is great! I usually get a anchovy. They also have a rather extensive Italian wine list. Service is fantastic. I also enjoy the steak entree. Please go!

          1. I like Via Emilia -- Great regional Italian wine selections, homemade pastas and a reasonable price. I think it's cash ONLY. BTW. I haven't been to Pizza Fresca.

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              Yes, Via Emilia remains cash only, and they don't accept reservations. Though all the homemade pastas are excellent, the lasagna is a standout!


              I recall reading that the original pizza chef at La Pizza Fresca left a few years ago, and the word was the pizza wasn't quite as good. I've never been, so I can't say if that's true. The guy who left opened his own place, Ottimo, on 24th St., b/t 5th & B'way. I've not tried the pizza there.