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Jul 9, 2007 07:13 AM

Longshot question re: fruit vendors in Rock Center area -- looking for dates.

My favorite fruit vendor at 51st and 7th Avenue doesn't have any dates today and I promised my 3 year old I would bring her home some "brown candy". I don't think most of the other fruit vendors sell dates. Anyone know of any in the midtown area who do? Like I said, this is a highly shot in the dark question, if anyone can answer, I will toast Jim Leff tonight at dinner.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. It's not quite Rock Center but Kalustyan's on Lex btw. 28th and 29th has luscious Medjool dates. Get the jumbo rather than the fancy Medjools. For whatever reason 'fancy' is used to describe a lower grade (they are drier).

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    1. re: MichaelK

      Thanks -- I love Kalystyans, but unfortunately, it's a bit more of a schlep than I'm willing to do in order to find my girl some dates. She'll have to get over the fact that there will be no brown candy tonight. Hopefully he'll have more tomorrow!

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        You will certainly find them in the market at Grand Central station.

    2. I bet the grocery store on 6th ave between 55th and 56th would have them.

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        Aren't there a couple of "gourmet-ish" markets on 7th Ave., north of 51st St.? I think they would certainly carry them, though no names come to mind, sadly.