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South Shore Find!

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Finally got to "Vesuvio Pizzaria & Bar" in Pembroke. Same operator as "Trattoria San Pietro" in Norwell. "V" is a more casual version with an interesting selection of pizzas. A good selection of pasta, fish and meat dishes, along with a long list of antipasti. Wine list is short, but well thought out and priced fairly, if not cheap for the selections(California as well as Italian).

I had a simple field greens salad and homade fucilli w/very fresh littlenecks in a lightly spiced red sauce. Simple and delicious! Everything that passed by my table looked and smelled great.

Nice atmosphere, comfortable seating, full bar service and acceptable waitstaff. (Except for the busgirl that kept wanting to take away the dishes before we were done eating.) Prices are mid-range.

They also have a good sized bar and lounge, with a small amount of outside deck seating. Lots of parking.

I'm going back; soon! Enjoy.


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  1. Thanks for the review. We've been thinking of checking out Vesuvio.