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Jul 9, 2007 06:31 AM

Where to find GRILLED flautas?

Now that the S. Lamar Chango's has taken them off the menu, I'm in desperate need of a grilled flautas fix. Any tips?

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  1. you mean they're not fried? i wish i had known Chango's used to have those! hope someone else comes up with a solution....


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    1. re: NirvRush

      NOT fried, and so much more delicious because of it. You can actually taste the flavor of the cheese and the seasoning on the roasted chicken. It's a wonder more places haven't caught on. If you ask nicely, they might still make you an order.

      Good to know about Manuel's.

    2. The owner's of Chango's also apparently own Manuel's, and Manuel's has always served grilled flautas. I cannot attest to their deliciousness as i have not tried them, but they are on the online menu:

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      1. re: femmenikita

        Manuel's flautas are delicious. You have a choice of verde or ranchero sauce, or you can get both. Both are good. You can get chicken, shrimp, or vegetarian. You can get a half order (although it doesn't say so on the menu) and you can get two different flautas in one order, and you can get a flauta and an enchilada if you prefer. Manuel's has always been very agreeable about making custom plates.

        1. re: travisleroy

          The flautas at Manuel's are my absolute favorite and yes, they are grilled. You can even deviate from the menu and get pork flautas with a mole/tomatillo sauce combo--to die for!!!!!!!

          1. re: rocky1974

            I just saw a commercial for Taco Bell's new grilled flautas...

            I keed, I keed.

            I don't know how Sazon's are prepared, but my friends rave about the bean and cheese (they also have chicken) which come with a side of an avocado sauce that is amazing. It's more like a tomatillo sauce in tangyness and consistency. Definitely worth a try if you like that kind of thing.

            (I've tried the sauce, not the flautas.)