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Jul 9, 2007 06:28 AM

L'Express (MTL) Lobster Risotto is back! Recipe?

My friends were right: the lobster risotto at L'Express (Montreal) is excellent. They don't always have it on the menu, but it is there now.

Strong taste of cheese. The lobster is there, but plays second fiddle to the rice. I've had it twice in a week. Yum!

Anyone tried it? Is there a recipe (of similar stuff) floating around the internet?

And I'd sure like to know which brand of cheese they use.



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  1. Hi--sorry to interrupt. By all means use this space to talk about the food at L'Express, but if you want to talk about the recipe, please start a new thread on our Home Cooking board; we reserve the local boards for discussion of local food.

    The Chowhound Team

    1. I've never seen that on the menu. Maybe I'm a purist but I would think that a lobster risotto would not have a strong cheese in it--especially a pungent cheese that might overpower the lobster. Same reason you don't put parmesan on pasta with seafood in it.

      I'm actually intrigued...has anyone else tried it?