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Jul 9, 2007 06:15 AM

Best Bochwurst in So Cal

If you like German Sausage and want it from the Source then Mattern Deli in Orange is your answer. After years of buying Bochwurst (ingredients: Veal, Milk, Pork) & Bratwurst from Globe Deli in Costa Mesa I tracked down their source and Mattern is the manufacturer. Lots of other good German Deli items also besides the Dusseldorf Mustard.
Sandwiches $ 3.50- Closed Sun & Mon.

Mattern Deli & Sausage Co.
4327 E. Chapman Ave (not to be confused with that Fullerton Chapman Ave)

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  1. Here's a list of German Delis all over SoCal. We used to go to the Van Nuys German Deli when we lived in the valley. It's been around forever, selection was good, lots of turnover so everything was fresh, and their bratwurst and bochwurst were favorites for summer grilling.

    1. for in store sales try schreiners deli in montrose. for a restaurant, the red lion on glendale blvd. in silverlake.

      1. Alpine Village Market in Torrance. Where the 110 & 405 meet.

        1. Thanks for the reminder! I have been going to Matterns for their wursts for many years but have not been for a while. Great sauerkraut too!

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            I went to Mattern today and purchased several more "delicacies" including the Bockwurst and after cooking some tonight have determined it's the best ever including several tasted all over Germany during different trips. Unbeatable, like Langer's when it comes to Pastrami.

          2. If you don't wish to drive behind the Orange Curtain, Eschbach's on Western in Gardena makes great, great bockwurst & weisswurst on the premises.