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Jul 8, 2007 11:19 PM

Breakfast in/near KC?

We're staying in a motel in Merriam right off I-35 and will be heading out fairly early, heading west on I-70 (we have to go north on 35 and and 635 first). Any breakfast places along that route? We can get out of town and eat along I-70 if there's something esp. good. I heard about a place in Lawrence called Wheatfield's that sounded promising, but would love to hear from fellow chowhounds.


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  1. Wheatfields is such a great place to stop, I definitely recommend that. I don't know if they still have them or not, as I think that the menu rotates, but the waffles are absolutely divine, also their biscuits and gravy. Really, you can't go wrong there because they don't make a bad meal.

    If you do stop at Wheatfield's I also recommend you pick up a little treat for later in the day. I love the Fruit tart, piled high with fresh fruit! Thinking about it is making me hungry. My husband always gets the carrot cake. All the desserts are good, you can't make a bad choice here!

    In Kansas City we like to eat at Pegah's. There are two locations in Shawnee Mission, maybe one is near where you are staying. Pegah's 7437 Nieman Rd, Shawnee Mission, KS and Pegah's 11005 Johnson Dr, Shawnee Mission, KS . Google them for a map.

    I've only eaten at the one down south in Olathe, but they are consistent, clean and have great service. The food is the normal breakfast fare, but way better than average.

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      The one on Johnson Drive is probably closer to where they are staying, if it's Merriam.

      Another place to consider is Winsteads ( They are more known for their steakburgers, but they put out a pretty decent breakfast, too.

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        I LOVE Wheatfield's, but I've never loved my breakfast there, but I'm glad to know that Amy likes it... maybe I've just gotten the wrong things. Their lunch and bakery items are wonderful! Even if you don't go to breakfast at Wheatfield's, I agree with Amy- pick up some bread or tarts for later. Some madeleines, lemon curd tart, apple tart, you can't go wrong! Haven't found a place in KC that I love for breakfast, so I don't have any recommendations for that. I prefer Milton's in Lawrence... either at Wheatfield's or Milton's, you will have a wait if you get there at prime breakfast/ brunch time, but the wait at Milton's would probably be longer.

        920 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044

        Wheatfields Bakery
        904 Vermont St, Lawrence, KS 66044

      2. I agree with the rec of Wheatfields in Lawrence. It's one of my favorite bakeries, and I think if you go early, you can get a good breakfast. I find that the later in the morning you go, the busier they are and the more likely your food will suffer. This is more common with the egg dishes, where if they aren't watched carefully while the cook multitasks, well, things happen. I've noticed that the ciabatta sandwich with frittata and herbed cream cheese has always come out well even if you're there late, tender and warm, perhaps because they reheat a frittata that's already been cooked with care before service.

        I've disliked the currant oat waffles, good flavor but dense, not my idea of a great waffle, but to each his own. Of course, the pastries are consistenly divine, but there is a greater variety (including wonderful pinwheel shapes with vanilla custard and raspberry almond U-shaped ones) on the weekends.

        Of course, if you all are leaving town early, none of the egg mishaps should befall you! I hope you'll give them a try. Please report back wherever you go. We love to hear more!

        1. RJ's Bob B Que is supposed to have a really good breakfast. Wouldn't be too far out of your way, a bit south on 635 and turn on Johnson Drive.

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            Good, yes, but only on Sat and Sun.

          2. Looks like you're from Tucson, so Mexican for breakfast may not interest you, but my new favorite place for breakfast is Poco's on the Boulevard. Poco bought out the former diner owner and brought in some excellent Mexican breakfast, brunch, and lunch entries. Everything is fresh and tasty and the service is always friendly and enthusiastic if a little eccentric. They also still have all the waffles, biscuits and gravy, etc., although I'm too enamored of the huevos to try anything else.

            It's also right off I-35 and close to I-70.

            FWIW, I lived in Lawrence for a while, and Wheatfields and Miltons are both excellent choices. Even if you eat in KC, it's definitely a good idea to stop in at Wheatfields and stock up for the drive. The bread alone is worth the trip (never mind the pastries) and you will not believe how cheap. The Lawrence farmer's market used to be right around (might still be) on Saturday morning.

            Poco's on the Boulevard
            3063 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108