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Jul 8, 2007 11:03 PM

San Francisco 22 : New York 0

On my last trip to New York (live in L.A.) I was dissapointed with the restaurants I tried. I've alway understood that New York had a great culinary landscape, yet it disappointed. While every time I go to San Francisco I'm blowen away by everything.

Hounds help me run up some points for NYC on my August trip. Last trip didn't like Norma's (breakfast), Craftbar(brunch), Prune, Blue Ribbon, Gusto, or anything else. Nobu was fine but we have one in Malibu as well as the flag ship Matsuitsa.

Casual great food is my preferance. I don't want to wear a suit during August in New York. However, I'll wear a clown costume and a heavy winter coat if it will insure me a great meal. Also, I prefer meals that take less than three hour to eat.

Price no object. Anywhere in the city is fine. I'm comming to eat.

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  1. gotham bar and grill. jacket/suit not required.

    1. I've never been to New York, but if I had one trip with an open budget and a guaranteed reservation, my short list would include -

      Peter Luger's Steakhouse
      Carnegie Deli or Katz' Deli (California delis are just so chintzy...)
      Babbo (c'mon, it's Mario!)
      Patsy's Restaurant

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      1. re: Bunson

        Do you mean Patsy's in East Harlem?

        Gotta be Katz's, not Carnegie. I mean, it's been years since I've been to Carnegie Deli, but so many people have complained about it. Katz's is great!

        1. re: Pan

          I like Carnegie and think it gets knocked for being a tourist trap. That being said, Katz's is much much better.

          I'd add yasuda (at the bar, in front of yasuda), patesserie claude, barney greengrass - soft scrambled eggs with nova and two untoasted plain bagels (breakfast).

          If you are really coming to eat - I'd highly recommend doing the RGR eating tour of the lower east side. I did it recently and enjoyed it. It is something that you can't match in either LA or SF.

          1. re: tpigeon

            What is RGR eating tour? I'll add Katz's to my list for lunch but we have Nate and Al's, Greenblats, and Langer's here so it will have to be fantastic to impress me.

            1. re: HitTheBall

              You should probably read my short weekend in manhattan thread - has RGR's tour and what I thought of it. I have not been to the great deli places in LA but you really need to try Katz's anyway just to compare - as I would if I were in LA. Katz's is easily the best pastrami sandwich I ever had.


            2. re: tpigeon

              I know O.P. said he would be in New York in August, but for those reading along who are unaware, The great Patisserie Claude is closed in July. When I walked up this morning to grab a choc. crois I was upset to see the gate down and the sign up.

              1. re: tpigeon

                don't forget russ and daughters. get a bagel and sit outside. better than greengrass!

                1. re: tpigeon

                  Ditto the RGR LEs tour. It's where I shop and eat.

                2. re: Pan

                  Yes! Patsy's in East Harlem...old school Italian would be a must. Them or Rao's/Baldoria.

                  1. re: Bunson

                    Rao's is nearly impossible to get a table at.

                    1. re: Bunson

                      Bunson what is your favorite dish at Rao's?

                    2. re: Pan

                      Katz's if it's not closed. Second Avenue Deli if it has re-opened. Carnegie doesn't even come close, but that's only one woman's opinion.

                      1. re: financialdistrictresident

                        Believe me, if it had closed, we'd know about it. Katz's is not closed, thank God!

                        1. re: Pan

                          It is supposed to close temporarily. There was a thread. Maybe it's just a rumor.

                  2. i'm not a fan of any of the ones you went to on your prior trip...

                    Some of my favs:
                    -- Il Giglio (old school Italian, a little bit like a fancier Dan Tana's, which is my fav LA place)
                    -- Ushi Wakamaru (i know you have good LA sushi but at the bar in front of Hideo-san is a great meal)
                    -- Lucien -- nice French bistro in East Village: great bouilabaise, filet mignon, endive salad, escargot, chocolate cake, etc
                    -- Grand Central Oyster Bar -- only at the counter, only order oysters both raw and fried
                    -- Malatesta -- simple low key Italian in the far W.Village w/ some outdoor tables
                    -- Grand Sichuan -- either St.Marks or Chelsea location
                    -- Russ&Daughters -- get a bagel and smoke gaspe salmon to go

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                    1. re: Simon

                      The food at Lucien is rather ordinary.

                    2. for the most part, i didnt like your previous choices either.

                      my recommendations:

                      freemans for weekend brunch...get the grilled cheddar sandwich and a bloody mary.
                      'ino (not 'inoteca)...get the cheese plate, truffled egg toast, and quatro panini.
                      veritas...upscale but suit. stick with meats...his foie gras is my favorite.
             can go to dinner but lunch here is too stupidly cheap to ignore. get the smoked trout on potato cake and his lamb dishes are excellent.
                      katz deli...of course.
                      yasuda...even if you're in LA, i doubt you have a place this delicious for the bar of course.
                      keens for porterhouse steak...also get the steak tartare for an appetizer (they let you order it from the bar menu)...great...great scotch.

                      if you take a trip to brooklyn, i recommend lugers of course, dumont, noodle pudding, al di la, and definitely applewood.

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                      1. re: sam1

                        Why not 'inoteca? Do you think the food is noticeably better at 'ino?

                        I ask only because I like both but inoteca is just so much larger and more comfortable.

                        1. re: kathryn

                          personally, im not a fan of the location or the space of inoteca...sure, the food is relatively the same...but something is missing. i do love bedford street and i loathe ludlow street...

                      2. Do not leave NYC without stopping at Momofuko Noodle Bar in the east village. Skip the noodles, very good, but the real gems lie in the apps and small plates on the menu. Be sure to get the pork buns. Also Chang's other place Momofuko Ssam bar is also excellent.

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                        1. re: gerry1980

                          id go to ssam bar over noodle bar any day of the week.

                          1. re: sam1

                            I'll put Momofuko Ssam Bar on the list.