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Jul 8, 2007 08:51 PM

Seattle area caterer

Having a party at the end of the summer and am looking for excellent catering services for 60-70 people at my home. Any suggestions?

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  1. I'd highly recommend Herban Feast. They catered a party of exactly the same size for me and it was fantastic. If you are looking for very high end, the two names I always hear are Lisa Dupar and Lowell-Hunt, but I don't have any experience with them.

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      I very highly second Herban Feast. they did my wedding reception for a crowd of just larger than yours about 15 months ago and i still get calls and questions about who did the food. though it may seem redundant to do salmon in Seattle, they will grill it at your location and it is fantastic.

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        Another thumbs up for Herban Feast, they catered and bartended my wedding last fall. The food and service was impeccable, guests were raving months later.

    2. Check out Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes. I haven't hired them myself, but have attended events they have catered, and the food was excellent.

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        1. After getting multiple recommendations, interviewing several, and doing some tastings, my choice of a caterer for a major birthday party in my home was not an easy choice, I ended up with A Grand Affaire.
          They were fantastic. I worked directly with Monica Newby, the owner. She helped with the menu as well as planning the overall party.

          We started wtih one of their standard menus ("Northwest Feast") and my comment that I loved pastry. We then revised the menu by email, phone, and in person at our home, where the party was to take place. We increased the mini hors d'oeuvre selection to three, each with a different pastry:

          Spanikopita - phyllo stuffed with spinach, feta, garlic, and oregano, plus an herbed tzadziki sauce
          Chevre Puffs - puffed pastry bouchees filled with French goat cheese and sweet red peppers drizzled with a port wine demi glaze
          Smoked Salmon Scones - crème fraice-cream cheese spread with pacific alder smoked salmon lox served atop an onion-chervil miniature scone

          As a pastry fan and amateur baker, there would be nothing more disappointing than heavy or soggy pastry, no matter how good the filling or topping. However, each pastry item was different and each pastry was wonderful.

          We also moved the crab and artichoke dip from part of the main buffet to being an hors d'oeuvre. The problem with this move was that there were no leftovers of the dip! Had it been part of the main buffet, with so many dishes, it wouldn't have all disappeared.

          The other pastry item was a Brie en Croute, layered with fresh basil, wrapped in puff pastry, baked and served warm with French baguette. How many of these have you seen at events served in a bread-like dough? Not here! This was real puff pastry, light and flakey. And the fresh basil was a wonderful addition I had not seen before. The crust was so well done that reheating the bit that was left over the next day crisped it up again very nicely.

          This is getting so long that I won't list all the main course dishes. To some extent they track the Northwest Feast menu, with some changes and some lighter sauces.

          The chef and server provided were very professional, and the whole process was smooth as could be. A Grand Affaire was great.