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Jul 8, 2007 08:18 PM

Pink Taco -- Century City Not Bad

Sunday with the kids and have not eaten all day. 13 year old daughter mentioned Pink Taco at the Century City Mall -- Morton kid restaurant. Got there at 3:50 and there was a line. They open at 4. Sat outside, very nice, service very good, but it was still early and not yet too crowded.

Quick verdict is that Pink Taco is better than any of the americanized mexican places in LA. Please do not compare against any of the great taco trucks or stands in east LA. Prices between 10-20 for dinners. Drinks between 7-10 and rather good.

More details. Chips and salsa. Two kinds of salsa. Respectable tomato but actually very good tomatillo with actual chunck fo tomatillo and not the guppy green stuff we seem to find everywhere.

I had the carnitas tacos. I got three very tasty tacos. Fully of meat with soft corn tortilla that were simply too small for what I got. Nice touch was the red onions marinaded in habanero chilis. Could have had a little more kick but one of my favorits.

Daughter had carnia asada tacos. Again too much meet for the tacos and with a nice cilantro topping. She had too take one of them home.

Son 11 had fish tacos that were very good. Nice fish with cabbage. He is picky about his taco and he liked these.

Wife had the turkey club salad with cumin. Very good as well.

Two margaritas on the rock no salt in the afternoon what could be better. This is not fine dining or the best authentic regional food you will find in the city. But it is good and easy.

If you friends are pushing you to an american mexican experience and they do not like to venture out of there neighborhood, try Pink Taco. I was surprised and will be back.

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  1. Thanks Bman... I agree!

    I've passed by the Pink Taco in Vegas COUNTLESS times over the years and could never even consider going here. But then I found myself in Century City and saw they had Cochinita Tacos... and well, I decided to throw down the gauntlet...

    I totally agree with you about the top shelf Magarita... EXCELLENT. Strong, but in a VERY good way... The only thing that made us kinda laugh about it, is that it cost the same amount as my taco meal...

    We also had the Turkey Salad, which honestly STANK. UGH... no more attempting to eat healthy there...

    The chips were pretty good, not as thick as I would like, but also not those awful plasticy super thin chips they give you at a lot of chain places and sports bars... With a dash of salt and their Salsa Verde (Which had a wonderful hint of citrus in it!) I was a happy girl...

    And now, to the Cochinita Tacos, as you noted the tacos are absolutely STUFFED with meat... they are about 'street' taco size and instead of using two tortillas, they use one slightly thick one, so it IS very possible to scoop up and eat all that meat... The tortilla itself seemed freshly made, but nothing special really...

    The meat however, REALLY impressed me... I've been eatting Cochinita all around town and this was respectable... ESPECIALLY for the west side... it blows Pacos AND Loterias version out of the water... The spicing was subtle, but VERY close with a bit of heat. Those pickled onions are EXCELLENT. Almost paper thin, perfectly flavorful and tart and again, just enough heat and fruitness from the Habanero... If you don't eat pork and find yourself here... DO get something topped with those onions (I believe they have a couple other tacos that include them) you will NOT be sorry...

    In the end, I left Pink Taco full... suprised at how decent it was... and slightly buzzed (Which is dangerous because the Bloomies is just a few yards away). Babita it will never be... but it is surely better than any standard Mexi-chain we have out here... (El Tortito, Acapulco, Chevys, etc... I'm talking about you!)


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      Thank you both for your posts and reviews. I'm meeting a friend there tomorrow evening (her suggestion) - I've never heard of it and am looking forward to seeing what it's like!

      1. re: littlefrenchgirl

        It's pretty much as you'd imagine it... Mexican Kitch over-load for decor... every mildly suggestive pop/rock song playing in the background...

        But they are attempting to TRY with the food... so points for that... :)


        1. re: Dommy

          lol, I totally agree with Dommy on the overload of decor. It's kinda like Cracker Barrel(I'm not sure if there are any around LA) in that sense. They go nuts making sure you're completely stimulated by the Mexican-themed decorations.

          But they could just not bother having any decorations, because the food itself is unbelievably! It could be decor itself just from looking so good. I agree with everyone that's said the margaritas are always perfect, strong but delicious!

      2. re: Dommy

        Dommy, since you've "been eating Cochinita all around town" -- who do you think serves the best Cochinita in town? Thanks in advance.

        1. re: Norm Man

          The best is at La Flor de Yucatan Bakery. They were the only one gets the tangy, sticky, spice mixture JUST right. They have a steam table on the weekends and it's a to go only place. The second is Chichen Itza, but since theirs is kinda 'meh' on the plate, it is best to get it in a torta.


      3. I really wanted to avoid it since it's an AMWH (Americanized Mexican Watering Hole) but if Dommy says that the cochinita is where it's at, then I've gotta try it out.

        1. The original comment has been removed