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Jul 8, 2007 08:12 PM

Indian in South Suburbs?

Hi All,

I am in need of any possible recommendation for Indian in the Southern Suburbs. Someplace that is reasonably decent down towards the Burnsville area preferably. Note I am looking for *South* recommendations so please refrain from recommending anything on Central Ave (no matter how good they are)


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  1. It might be useful to repost with your title saying something such as : indian in south suburbs-msp? as the board includes all of the midwest.
    I highly recommend 'Sambol' at 1260 Town Center Drive. They are an Indian/ Sri Lankan restaurant and their Sri Lankan specialities especially chicken or veggie curry with appams [hoppers, kind of a sourdugh pancake] are delicious. There is also an indian grocery store in the same strip mall.
    I am Indian and we live in Eden Prairie but drive to Sambol for thier food. Their indian food is standard north indain fare but some items have a southern flair.They bring out a complimentary basket of papad/papadum [spicy lentil wafers] with chutneys to start that have a fantastic 'hot' kick.

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      D'Oh! You are absolutely right - I totally forgot to preface the subject with MSP.

      Thank you for the Rec. I will make note of that and see about hitting them up.

    2. A couple years ago, there was an article on cheap eats in Mpls/StPaul magazine and they mentioned an Indian restaurant off of 35W at 98th (?) I have been a few times and have really liked it. It's on Aldrich, in an old Perkins, maybe? I'm sorry, I cannot remember the cross street. But like I said, I thought it was very respectable.

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        Oh yeah, I vaguely recall eating there before - though it has been several years - and thought it was all right. I also can't for the life of me remember the name of the place.