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Jul 8, 2007 07:55 PM

The Baltimore scene

My list of places I would like to try:
Antrim 1844
An Loi (Columbia)
Blue Moon
Brasserie Tatin
Brewer's Art
Cafe de Paris (Columbia)
Charleston (some day when I've saved enough $ for the Chef's tasting menu)
Crackpot (Towson)
Elkridge Furnace Inn
Golden West
Helen's Garden
Isabella's (Frederick)
Jessy Wong's (Columbia)
Les Folies Brasserie
Miss Shirley's
Mari Luna
La Tavola
One World
Milton Inn
Mr. Bill's Terrace
Paper Moon Diner
Pho Dat Than
Sobo Cafe
Sonney Lee's
Szechuan House
Tapas Treato
Thai Landing

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    1. re: hon

      Add Peter's Inn, Henninger's, Chameleon Cafe, Petit Louis and Sushi King (in Columbia) and I'd say that you have yourself QUITE a master list! (oh, wait, maybe that's my master list :)

    2. Save yourself the trip to Frederick and skip Isabella's, not bad but not worth the drive..
      How about Samo's(gyros) or Ikaros(calamari fried!!) in Greektown? or Zorba' or
      It doesn't get great reviews on this board but I have always enjoy the paella
      at Bertha's in Fells Point....
      How About the Prime Rib.? Pricey but very dependable....
      How about Tio Pepe? Another old reliable..
      There's also Hull Street Blues for a casual laid back dinner wiith no frills.
      Then there's Andy Nelsons in Cockeysville if you enjoy "Q"
      A pizza craving can be satisfied at Matthews, Squires and /or Pizza Johns
      Faidleys for a creab cake or some raw oysters..
      Chuckies Fried Chicken in Hollins Market for that craving..
      The Black Olive has always met my expectations....some disagree
      Weiss Deli for a great Cloak and Dagger(Lombard Street)

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      1. re: Hue

        Oh yes...how could I forget Samos, and Faidley's, and Andy Nelson's (they catered our wedding - we had Que and Veuve Cliquot!)...and Martick's of course...

        1. re: Hue

          I've seen it before...but please...what is a cloak and dagger???

          1. re: crosby_p

            Corned Beef on rye with Russian dressing and coleslaw..sloppy but good

        2. I'd never been to Baltimore before last month, but got a chance to eat at Aldo's and Bertha's in Fells Point. Establishments are at opposite ends of the sophistication spectrum, but food at both was delicious. Really splurged and had Tournedos Rossini at Aldo's. Decadent and superb! At Bertha's--what else: mussels.

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          1. re: giff44

            try Petit Louis for the best French bistro food in town (altho uneven service and very noisy).