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Jul 8, 2007 07:51 PM

Indpls. Hound Visiting Syracuse end of July

Syracuse Hounds, I need your help. My 17 year old son and I will be visiting Syracuse for a college tour at the end of July and need rec for evening nice meal. We're both adventurous but not necessarily looking for highest end joint in town -- just good food (ethnic or otherwise) reflective of Syracuse. Please advise! Thanks.

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  1. My favorite place in Syracuse is Lemon Grass/238 Bistro. These are different rooms that share the same kitchen. The Lemon Grass side is Thai-Pacific Rim (sushi, coconut shrimp; goong makham) and the 238 side is more toward steaks, chops, etc. This restaurant is high end, but at least you get a good value for your buck. Probably the best desserts in town. I also like BC and L'Adour, but they are also high end.
    For a fun place and good barbeque, Dinosaur would be a much less expensive alternative. It's sort of a mixed crowd of office types and bikers, but everybody gets along and has a good time. If you go late they usually have some kind of blues band playing.
    If you like steak, don't get it in Syracuse. I regularly buy better steaks at the local Price Chopper market than I have ever gotten at either Scotch and Sirloin or Saratoga Steaks. Aunt Josie's is OK for basic red sauce Italian, but nothing to write home about.

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      Thanks so much for the recommendations. My son and I went to Little Italy for lunch (he was jonesing) and were so full we didn't make it to Dinosaur for dinner. So sad. But he really liked Syracuse and will apply so who knows? May need and will keep your post for future reference!

      1. re: Jimmyg

        I was wondering how good the steaks were at those places...
        as I'm heading up to Syracuse for the NY State Fair Labor Day weekend.

        Thanks to your tip, I won't try either of those steakhouses.

        Do you like Zebbs for burgers, etc?

        1. re: ellen4441

          Zebb's is fine, they have a "burger bar" for toppings. They have some decent Tex-Mex there, but I would stay away from the ribs. But definitely get some Choc. chip cookies on your way out.