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Jul 8, 2007 07:24 PM

Found an amazing Japanese sushi bar in Edison, NJ

Cliffs: Amazing food at Ota-ya Express

The big story:
Today, my girlfriend and I were looking for something healthy to eat. We've been eating sushi rolls for the past few days, but we are both trying to stay healthy. I love Penang for Malaysian food (which is also offered in Edison, NJ). Edison has a strong Asian culture and I think I found a new gem. There is this new place that opened up 3 months ago called Ota-ya Express. It's not really a sit down place, with 1 real table and a sushi bar. It's more for delivery and take-out. So I eat out at a lot of places with my girlfriend, we've been to a lot of places in the Edison/Iselin/Metuchen/New Brunswick areas. I've had from Korean to Indian to Japanese to African. Today we wanted sushi again! So we ended up going into Ota-ya Express, and had a fantastic and cheap!!!! meal. Ota-ya is a sushi bar and also has an "Asian fusion." The owners are Malaysian (who own a big catering company in Lambertsville and one in NYC), but unlike Penang, they deliver!!! Which is great for someone like me because I don't drive! We ate there and had an amazing experience. The service was SOOO friendly. When we left, they actually asked for our names so next time we came in they could greet us, and they are very fun to talk to. The inside is setup with a nice sushi bar (it's not much more than that, hence the express), but it made me feel like I was in Japan. They had some sushi rolls I've never seen, and they even offered things like curry chicken and roti canai (both Malaysian), which impressed me a lot! When we sat down, they talked to us frequently, always made sure we were happy, prompt, very helpful, and mostly funny :) They then showed us a special almost photo album...I've NEVER seen this at a restaurant, let alone an express take-out place. They had full color beautiful photos of some of their dishes and rolls. They had ALL their specialty rolls inside and some things like beef satay. The prices were printed right on there also, on the plastic covering the photos. The photos were beautifully shot, and surprisingly looked just like what we got when we received. They prepare it all in front of you, as they would in a sushi bar, and they had some amazing rolls. They gave us a free sample of something with crabs and it was fantastic! We ended up ordering:

1 Fruity Roll which had salmon cucumber inside and kiwi outside (very interesting!)
1 Lobster King Roll which had shrimp tempura inside and lobster salad outside
2 orders of shumai (12 in total) (shrimp filled - Japanese style)
1 house salad (just a nice plain green salad) with ginger, but you can also get it with satay sauce (peanut sauce)

Finally for a change we can order, Malaysian food! I love this place and was VERY happy! They were also open late on Sunday (9:30 PM) I haven't had this great of an experience in a long time. The bill came out to be ~19-20$ which is VERY cheap for what we ordered!

Here is the website for anyone in the Edison, NJ area or within a 5 mile radius of this location:

The menu is there, but I highly recommend just sitting there also, I had a great experience and am still VERY happy. Finally something really good...

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  1. that does sound good. if ure in the woodbridge area, check out yoshi's on pearl st off main st -- across from the train station. sushi is always fresh and has been consistently good since opening last winter. 1 problem recently though, check was $27 and $46 was posted on bank account // contacted owner and they promised to refund back to bank "hit the wrong button"...

    1. My weekly work lunch mate and I will try this place out next time we do sushi. We actually just did sushi in Metuchen on Friday and it was delicious. The prices were comparable to Otaya and the sushi was very very fresh. It's called Sushi Suzuki. It was our first time there, though, so I'll have to check back for consistancy.

      1. We decided to go to the movies at the Menlo Park Mall just to give us an excise to try the place. You were right, it was very good, much fresher than most places this size and the people there were very friendly. It is WAY too small though. There were just 3 of us and it was tight. I wish it were a bit larger and we would come back, but unless you're ordering in, this isn't the place. Again, very good food, bur very uncomfortable to eat in. Thanks for the recommendation.

        1. I work near this place and so I have been there a few times for lunch. For such low prices it's amazing how fresh and good quality the ingredients of sushi rolls are. One of my favorites is the new jersey roll which has baked salmon mixed in with a crispy crumbs from tempura along with the right balance of rice. Topped of with a eel sauce this roll is to die for!!! Another really good roll which I tried a few days ago was the Spicy queen roll. The roll which has spicy salmon on the inside along with salmon outside topped of with freshly squeezed lemon had an amazing clean fresh taste. The freshness of the salmon really surprised me.

          1. Great restaurant. I tried out after seeing all of the good reviews here. The salmon and all of the other ingredients were very fresh as one of the previous posters mentioned. Although this is primarily a takeout restaurant the service is very good and attentive, should you decide to eat in there.