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Jul 8, 2007 07:23 PM

Food of the month from Canada?

I am looking to send a food of the month gift - something like cheese, fruit, bacon...anything from Canada. I keep finding U.S. companies but nothing in Canada or that delivers to Canada without having to promise my first born. Any suggestions?


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  1. "bella", I think your "problem" is one encountered by many Canadian "foodies".

    Economies of scale may be one factor that differentiates us from our neighbours to the south.

    I am afraid I cannot make any selections and would be interested in hearing suggestions from others or if you, yourself find some alternatives.

    "Mad Cow", restrictions on lait cru cheese, cured meats, fresh fruit and other border security issue do not assist.

    1. Hmmm, perhaps packaged non-dairy, non-meat items. Tinned or bottled Québec maple syrup and vacuum-packed BC salmon immediately come to mind. There must be other choices along these lines ...

      1. It sounds like you're looking for a place that would send a different type of food each month, with some type of "membership." I don't know any place like that, but I do have a strong recommendation for one month--a shipment of Montreal bagels from St. Viateur Bagels in Montreal (of course!). I live in the states, and have to drive to get mine, but they do ship in Canada. I can't wait until they get permission to ship across the border.

        1. If you are looking within Ontario, I know of one site that has monthly wine club. THey also include Ontario cheeses in some of their packages.

          1. Lake Superior smoked whitefish