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Jul 8, 2007 07:07 PM

Sound Familiar?

Hi Everybody

I just moved to Boston and don't even know where to start. Please give me a hand with the basics: I'm a non-cooking bachelor looking for a neighborhood place that won't look at me funny when I come in a couple nights a week. I live in Coolidge Corner and am right near a T stop, but would love to be in walking distance of my new kitchen if possible ;).

I'm looking for super low key with a lot of seafood on the menu - I mainly stick to fish to eat on the light side, but I'm not looking for sushi. I would love to find a place where I could have a nice piece of fish and a good glass of wine in a laid back atmosphere (I always sit at the bar) that won't break the bank. Does this place exist?


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  1. lots of folks eat solo in brookline and boston, especially at the bar, so don't fret about that. further if you find a place where you like being a regular, trust me, they'll be falling all over you, not looking at you funny.

    in brookline, lots of people like washington sq. tavern, the fireside, audobon circle and beacon st. tavern. travel on the "c" line is very easy to get to places like the north end and chinatown. "not break the bank" means different things to different people.

    plenty of places for a single to find a "local".

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      In addition, altho it may be pushing the "break the bank", there's Lineage right in Coolidge Corner with a lovely bar and lots of seafood. Also there are bars at Pho Lemongrass for Vietnamese and Khao Sarn for Thai. And in Brookline Village you have Pomodoro and La Morra for Italian. Of course, you'll read about a million other places easy to get to on the T but these are all walking distance.

    2. If you walk a few blocks down Beacon St., going toward Boston, there's O'Leary's Pub There is always a seafood/fish special and prices top out at 15 bucks. The food is fresh and good and lots of people eat at the bar. There's also the Beacon St Tavern, pricier but excellent. If you don't want booze and are willing to eat early the Busy Bee is famous for their fish specials on Thursday- the price is right and the waitresses are really nice- it's a diner. All of these are in the block between Carlton and St. Mary Streets so you need to keep an eye on the Red Sox schedule.

      1. Village Fish (on Harvard St. in Brookline Village) might be what you're looking for. Can't remember if there's a physical bar to sit at, but I'm pretty sure they serve wine.

        I love Matt Murphy's (a couple doors down), but it gets crowded. I also second Audobon Circle (no fish, though, and a bit of a longer walk) and Beacon St. Tavern. Also check out Taberna de Haro (tapas place on Beacon St. at St. mary's.)

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          Thought I saw a closing sign in the window of Village Fish saying something like "thank you for the last 20 years of patronage".

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            Yup, Village Fish is gone--the sign says it will be reopening in Needham.

            On the original topic, Dok Bua does great things with some fish. Super Fusion in Washington Square is pretty darn good, and there is that new pan-Asian storefront on the block just before Stop & Shop on Harvard, the name of which escapes me. And, of course, there is always Jae's.

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              Wow! Thanks a lot - I wasn't expecting such a response! Can't wait to check out all these places!

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                Oh, no! I didn't know Village Fish closed. I walked right past it on Saturday, but I guess I was on the other side of the street and not paying attention. Oh, well.