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Jul 8, 2007 07:01 PM

Rebel Bar & Grill.

Hey Hounds

Okay, I really have to give a "Shout out" to the Rebel Bar & Grill.

I don't get to that area of town very often. In fact, the last time/first time Mrs. Sippi and I were there was about a year ago. We went there based on some recommendations of fellow hounds.
We were very impressed.
We happened to be down town again (We live in Newmarket) again today and she really wanted to go back. I agreed since we enjoyed it so much last time.

To summarize:
Last time we had the sausage platter, something else (Don't remember) and the burger. The sausage was a venison/Cabernet sausage with a chutney and croutons. It was incredible. The other appetizer (Which we can't remember was remembered as very good) and the burger, half beef, half bison was outstanding.

Today, we had the chicken pate and sausage platter for a starter. Both of which were insanely good. The sausage of the day was a smoked bison with caramelized onions and croutons. The pate came with a raspberry chutney and more croutons.
Then, we split the roast beef dinner. It came with Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes and some veggies (Carrot/broccoli/green beans) and of course gravy. AWSOME. Best roast beast I've eve had. Mrs. Sippi concurred.

People of TO. We have to embrace this bar. We have to spread the word to fellow hounds visiting from out of town.
This place thrives on being Canadian. We need to show the world that we, ourselves, can make great food. Not just be a great multicultural food mecca.

I should also mention the Trailhead Lager was fantastic.


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  1. So where IS this mecca of all things British? (Roast beef! Yorkshire pudding! Mashed potatoes! Rule Britannia!)

    As for "This place thrives on being Canadian. We need to show the world that we, ourselves, can make great food. Not just be a great multicultural food mecca."

    Who are you calling "we," white man? Those "multicultural" places you refer to, whether Italian, Greek, Chinese or Afghan, are just as Canadian as your sausage platter.

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    1. re: estragon

      Yes, you're right, Italian food is very Canadian. So is Greek food!!


    2. Are you talking about The Rebel House (Yonge and Crescent)?

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      1. re: hungry_pangolin

        Yes, that is the place.

        Seems I was into the lager a little bit too much last night.

        It was damned good though

        The Rebel House on Yonge, across from the Rosedale subway station.


      2. Dood! Shhh! Keep it down! It's hard enough to find a seat at the Rebel House. The rest of you, pay no attention to the man behind the posting, he's talking crazy talk...

        I always reccommed the Rebel House when people are in search of poutine--it's an awesome place to experience those two pinnacles of Canadian cuisine: microbrews and poutine.

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        1. re: TwinklyTerrapin

          Food is great, and the staff are always really friendly too. Never had a bad meal or drink there. Too bad for me, but good for TwinklyTerrapin, that it's a bit out of the way for me :)

          Rebel House
          1068 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W2L4, CA