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Jul 8, 2007 06:46 PM

Essex/Ipswich with Ocean View?

Are there any places with good fried clams in Essex or Ipswich with an ocean view? If not, are any near a place you can park and eat near the ocean?

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  1. Go to any clam shack and then drive out to Conomo Point.

    1. Take a cruise with Essex River Cruises, website is, then eat across the street at The Village Restaurant, it's delicious and far superior to Woodmans, Farnhams or Essex Seafood.

      1. It's not too far to Lobster Pool on the Gloucester/Rockport line -- it's right on the water overlooking Crane Beach in the distance -- awesome at sunset. There are even a couple of dog-friendly picnic tables by the road.

        Decent fried fare and no-frills lobsters. Onion rings can be excellent and usually at least OK. Homemade desserts are very good as well.

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          One problem is that neither Essex or Ipswich are directly on the ocean-front. Both are on estuarine waterfronts.

        2. Periwinkles has a few tables on their back deck over-looking the river and a small marina.