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Jul 8, 2007 06:15 PM

Hot Dogs

We just saw a show on PBS about hot we're craving one.

I googled Hot dogs in Austin and came up with Lucky Dog and Dog Almighty. There was also Hilberts and Top Notch. Are there any hot dog stands any where?

Calling all hot dog lovers out there........Tell me where to find the best dog!!

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    1. Dog Almighty is definitely my favorite in town for a great hotdog...not to mention some pretty tasty cheese fries. I'm also a big fan of their jalapeno corndog (made fresh in house.

      If you're downtown late at night, try finding a Best Wurst cart for a quite tasty sausage or dog. I'm partial to the brat or the all beef sausage with kraut, onions and spicy mustard. The last time I had one, the cart was parked on 6th just outside the outdoor Emo's entrance.

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      1. re: ashes

        I agree that Dog Almighty is the best (they fry their dogs so the get a bit crispy), but their buns are nothing special. However, I will have to try P & K to see how theirs stack up.

        1. re: diva360

          I agree that the buns are nothing special. I'd go further and say they are pretty bad. More like Wonder Bread than a bun. If they would go with a better bun, I'd eat there a lot! As it is, I rarely go there because the buns are so yucky.

        2. re: ashes

          Dog Almighty is my favorite; usallly get there about once a week for a "Dot Com Dog". There are three locations now; check out

        3. OMG! I just saw the same show and was thinking the same thing. As a former Chicagoan, it saddened me to Google Hot Dogs in Austin and come up with so few choices!

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          1. re: rpiercef

            I'm sooo glad you saw that now you know what i mean.......
            I've never seen any place here like I saw on that show.........I want the whole shebang.....the slapping of dogs, the slathering of mustard.......the little paper hot dog holders....the onions, the relish.....

            I must say though.......those Chicago dogs they showed were dressed pretty fancy.....never seen that before.......tomatoes???? celery salt??? hmmmmmm............

            i fear that austin is missing out on the hot dog scene..........

            1. re: scoutaustin

              The old Lucky Dog on Spicewood Springs made a killer Chicago Style but started going downhill (stale buns) and eventually closed. Is their RR place still open?

              1. re: Carter B.

                Yes!!! I was there Sat. Its good! I had two Chicago Dogs. it was AWSOME!!!!

            2. re: rpiercef

              While you guys were watching a hot dog special on PBS I was watching ESPN's coverage of Joey Chestnut pounding down 66 Nathan's originals in 12 minutes while Kobiyashi was throwing up his 62nd dog...
              I think I'll pass on hot dogs for awhile.

              1. re: curlykerry

                oh glad i missed seeing that......heard about the dogregurgitation .......eeeewwwwwwww...............

                1. re: curlykerry

                  The technical term in the competitive eating world is a "reversal"..... :)

              2. Billy's on Hancock & Burnet has a pretty good hot dog on their menu. I've had it a couple of times. It's on the kids menu, but not a kids portion. Great at their happy hour with a beer.

                1. I'm from New England, and I miss my lovely natural casing hot dogs that pop when you bite them. I have NOT been able to find a decent dog anywhere down here, and I'm going to have to resort to trying to bring a few pounds back on the airplane next time I go home--unless somebody knows where I can get them down here. They don't even have to be the bright red kind, although those do look the prettiest with yellow mustard...

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                  1. re: Samoq

                    This sounds crazy, but have you even had the dogs at Costco? All beef hebrew national on a potato bun. I'm not expert, though, but the one I had was good. I loaded it with ketchup.......just kidding!

                    The best dog I've had in austin was in the alley next to, but across the street from the original Alamo. Guy with a cart. Of course, that was at 2:17 AM.

                    1. re: rudeboy

                      I remember that the alley.........yeah........those were the best......

                      1. re: rudeboy

                        I think the hot dogs at Costco are tasty too - weird - my mom told me about them and I didn't believe her but it's true. However, like everything else at Costco, they are gigantic. To me, that takes away rather than adds to therm. The thickness of the hot dog overwhelms the meat/bun ratio to the point where I usually can't finish it. I wish they had a skinnier dog.

                        1. re: rudeboy

                          That's so weird. While I've never had one of the dogs at Costco, I've heard they're great. I actually make Hebrew National at home on Potato buns. I didn't know that was common! Mustard and relish for me...

                          1. re: foodiegal71

                            Damn - we just had a hankerin for a dog, went to Costco, but they were closed.For some ridiculous reason, we ended up at Einstein's for a bagel (where else can you get a bagel in Austin - different post), and I got a Polish dog on an everything "wrap" bagel. Very interesting - a little too salty between the polish itself and the bagel, and the bagel itself was a bit raw and doughy. I'd say if you are hard up and about to buy a 7-11 dog, then try the Einstein's version (althoug it is a steep $5.75). I won't be rushing out to buy it again, but I will say that it was intriguing. They loaded it with purple onions.

                          2. re: rudeboy

                            The Costco Polish is my favorite! And I feel a little guilty about this, but one of the things I miss most about Houston is James Coney Island (a #4 Chicago-style or a #1 with cheese fries, please!) Wish they'd stuck around in Austin.

                            Otherwise, to be honest, I haven't been anywhere in town that has a better combo of taste/price/quickness than home sweet home.

                          3. re: Samoq

                            Try Tip Top Weiners from Taylor Meats (In Taylor, TX)- pork and beef with a natural casing - excellent dogs - good pop - good spice - and they're red!

                            I get them at my neighborhood MiniMax IGA store (On Woodrow north of Koenig) - but it seems like I've seen them at Fiesta.

                            1. re: Samoq

                              Have you checked grocery stores like Whole Foods or Central Market? They have dozens of different kinds of hot dogs, and quite a few that bill themselves as all natural.