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Great Ice Cream Scoop?

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Does anyone have an ice cream scoop that they can recommend? I need something sturdy, where the lever actually works. The one I have now is kind of a POS. Thanks.

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  1. The scoop that we use doesn't have a lever... it is a one piece, metal thing that absorbs hand heat and transfers it to the scoop so that it can work through hard ice cream. I think they are all over, but don't know the name...

    1. I like my Kitchenaid...does not have a lever but has a silicon type material handle to absorb heat...one piece and very sturdy.

      1. I hate the ones with levers. Even the best of them get iced up and stick. If you must have one get a hamilton beach: http://www.restockit.com/Dishers--20-...

        The Zeroll scoopers work FAR better, http://www.restaurantequipment.net/ne...
        If you have limited wrist strength the zyliss scoop works well, but the scooped ice cream is lhard to pack into a cone: http://www.amazon.com/Zyliss-71372-Ic...