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How about The Ivy for lunch?


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  1. I would rather eat ivy for lunch than eat at The Ivy. YMMV

    1. Over-priced mediocre food.

      1. Yes it's pricey, but that Grilled Veggie Salad is quite memorable. Depends upon the occasion and why you're going, but for tourists/LA feel and a great salad and tarte tatin if you don't mind or have someone else paying, the Ivy is a fine choice. Just my ten cents.

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          Similarly, the black pepper shrimp, the crab cakes, the key lime pie, the Ramos Fizz, etc.

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            Yes, the crabcakes are great there too. I like the vegetable salad too, but if you get it with shrimp or chicken (or even a combination of both) - be careful, sometimes both can be over cooked and a little dried out. When you're paying $25 for a salad, you want it to be perfect.

        2. I say go for it. As others have posted, their grilled veggie salad is one of the best salads I've had, and I also love their Cajun Bloody Mary and chocolate chip cookies. Make sure you go to the original on Robertson, not Ivy at the Shore.

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            wow, ramos fizz, sounds good. but i'm presuming that'll cost $16 just on that one drink alone.

            does anyone happen to have a link to an online menu or a copy of pdf or something like that so we can get a sense of the current prices and menu offerings.

          2. I really like The Ivy and have found both locations to be exactly the same in terms of food and service - both great. I've never been able to find their menu online, but their menu including their specials seem to never change. All of the portions are huge and I've always loved the food, so I wouldn't say it's overpriced. Favorites of mine (with rough prices that I can remember):

            Corn Chowder $6-8
            Grilled Vegetable Salad with Chicken ($25)
            Hamburger ($25)
            Spaghetti ($20)
            Enchiladas special

            And people I've gone with who eat fish (I don't) always get the crab cakes and love them. I've also seen people loving the enormous fish and chips platter.

            The specialty mixed drinks are about $11 each and are very good.

            I think the most expensive items are steaks or lobster dishes that are in the $40-50 range.

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              Before someone once again gripes about price, part of what you are paying for is access. If you do not like the prices, you don't have to go. If it was cheap, you'd never be able to get in.

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                i've heard about those enchiladas, someone at another restaurnat, mentioned that they are the best thing on the menu.

                can you describe the enchiladas?

                is the spaghetti with meatballs? thanks.

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                  The enchilada plate is huge. Two big chicken enchiladas with cheese and standard enchilada sauce on top, with large sides of rice and beans. Dollops of sour cream, salsa, and guacamole. The chicken is of great quality. I like my Mex spicy and this was not very spicy, but still really tasty. It's hard for me to order anything else when I'm there. It's not actually on the menu, which is why I have no idea what the price is - it's one of their "specials" that they've always had every time I've gone.

                  Spaghetti does come with meatballs, maybe 8 tiny ones though... It's more about the pasta (which is cooked perfectly al dente) than the meatballs. It's served piping hot.

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                    I had the lobster ravioli at the Ivy on the Shore once and they were actually pretty good too!

              2. Tasty, stiff drinks, great patio, celebrity sightings amusing people-watching and tres cher!

                Did I forget to mention the food? That was on purpose...

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                  I love their CRAB CAKES. The appitizer size is filling enough for a meal!

                2. The Ivy on Robertson is much better than The Ivy at the beach. If you like soft shell crabs (in season now) they are the best I've ever eaten. The spicy crab meat salad, chicken enchiladas, grilled veggie salad, spaghetti and meatballs and steak are the best. Their hot fudge sundae (really all of their desserts) is amazing.

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                    I forgot about the soft shells. Pretty damn good! Might be nice with a Gimlet.

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                      would you guys go here as a solo diner, or this the one place you wouldn't go solo.

                      sounds like a mint julep and the soft shells would hit the spot.

                      do you have to have reservations for weekday lunches? thanks.

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                        You want someone to talk to. You want reservations.

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                          As someone who eats solo often, I would feel uncomfortable eating there by myself. I have, however, gone there for take-out.
                          Although I don't like Ivy at the Shore, I wouldn't feel uncomfortable there. I think they have a bar, which is always a good option for solo diners.

                    2. Not a very good deal.

                      It's a tourist trap

                      1. It's not the best restaurant in LA, but they do make some things well. I agree that it is way overpriced. A couple of things that I've had there that I can recommend: the cobb salad. It may have only been a special, I can't remember, but it was very good. It had beets in it which I thought was unusual, but they added a nice dimension. Also, the fried chicken. Which I'm told is not always on the menu, but they can always make it. That was fantastic.

                        Would I go back? Probably not unless a dining companion insisted (and/or paid), but don't let all of the comments here discourage you. If you really want to try it, go for it.

                        1. Sure. Yes, it's overpriced comfort food w/ movie stars around, but as mentioned above, the crabcakes are delicious. And the oysters are usually fresh and tasty. And the Mint Juleps, and pretty much all the mixed drinks, are highly refreshing.

                          When i lived in LA, i used to eat and/or drink at Ivy at the Shore about once a week/ But i haven't been there since they moved their location slightly north. How is the new(ish) space?

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                            The food and service are still the same, but I miss the old Ivy at the Shore space. The new space is too spread out and cavernous. I guess everyone who complains that restaurants place tables too closely together these days should love how this place is arranged!

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                              hmm, i liked the old space a lot -- i never found it too crowded and i liked the soft lighting: sort of the perfect place to settle in many rounds of Mint Juleps...as long as the new space isn't too bright, i prob won't mind it...might try it on my next LA trip