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Jul 8, 2007 05:52 PM

Jury Duty Lunch Recommendations

I have jury duty on Tuesday. Can anyone recommend a casual lunch spot near the Kings County Supreme Court building in downtown Brooklyn? A decent sandwich spot would be just the ticket...

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  1. When I was doing jury duty, I took a walk over to Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches
    (311 Atlantic Avenue btwn Hoyt and Smith) for banh mi.

    1. i walked down to pete's ale house on atlantic and clinton...their lunch special is pretty cheap. it comes with beer. nothing beats going back to jury duty with a buzz.

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      1. Buy a sandwich at Lassen & Hennig's deli and enjoy it al fresco up on the Promenade, watching the strollers, the joggers, and the Manhattan skyline.

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        1. re: ahr

          Yup, that's a decent sandwich right there (on Montague).

          Then, go to the promenade for a decent view.