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Perfect ice cream for cobblers, crisps...

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The new Haagen Daas cinnamon dulce de lece ice cream makes certain fruit desserts ridiculously good. It's especially tasty with peach or apple desserts. Just thought I would share....

Any other favorites out there?

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  1. Yes for any cobbler or crisp, or pie or just fruit plain old vanilla it great it doesn`t
    have to cost much and a good creamy vanilla is hard to beat.

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    1. re: bigjimbray

      Breyers French Vanilla is my current favorite for Peach Melba and Apple Tatin
      I do like cinnamon ice cream too.

      1. re: Densible

        just used haagen daz vanilla bean on cobbler it was superb.

        1. re: drewb123

          Haagen Daz Creme Brulee is also very good with fruit desserts.

    2. I find that caramel & sea salt ice cream (from Montreal shop MeuMeu) goes well with fruit crisps or pies!

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      1. re: morebubbles

        Wonder if there is a recipe around for that? (the ice cream)

          1. re: Emme

            Wow, does that David Lebovitz recipe ever look good!! Emme, thanks for posting that! this looks like it may be close to the one I had here. cc, hope you see this!

      2. If you can find Sweet Cream ice cream you can't beat it!!!

        1. I had a mascarpone gelato with a strawberry rhubarb crisp this weekend--great combination

          1. Some of the newer slow-churned ice creams are really good and creamy, perfect for topping pie or cobbler.