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Jul 8, 2007 05:36 PM

Lunch stop in Charleston SC near King Street

We will be stopping Charleston for lunch on our drive from Hilton Head to Raleigh. I am looking for suggestions on good lunch spots. Nothing too expensive as we will likely already have blown our budget after 8 days on HHI. Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. Both of the following are on King and are perfect (and affordable) lunch spots.
    Basil (460 King St.)
    Sermet's Corner (276 King St.)

    Basil is exceptional Thai. Sermet's is inspired bistro fare with a Mediterranean influence. I have had sublime lunches and dinners at each. Though value priced, these restaurants can certainly hold their own against their higher-priced counterparts. And, of course, park a block or two away from either of these so you can shop along the way :)

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      Thank you so much for the tips. I have eaten at Basil and the Pad Thai was wonderful! I forgot to mention that two of my fellow travelers are fairly picky eaters so ethnic may not be an option. Additionally, one will be on her first trip to the South (she is from Philadelphia). Do you have any Southern favorites?? Thanks again!

      1. re: aphayes

        For Southern food near King, try Jestine's Kitchen at the corner of Meeting (1 block up from King) and Wentworth.

    2. On King Street, Jim and Nick's BBQ. It may not be the best in the Low Country but it will probably be a nice experience for your PA friend.