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Jul 8, 2007 05:17 PM

2 days, first time in San Diego - recommends?

Going to be staying in the Mission area, looking for local must-have places, as well as any special - cheap or moderate places for dinners. So excited about eating everything quintisessntial CA - it's a first time there for this NYCer.


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  1. Jel..
    Are you staying in Mission Beach or the Mission Valley area?

      1. re: phee

        Mission Beach, and yup - we'll have a car

      2. Oh, lets see. Go to the Brigantine in Del Mar, sit at the bar and have one of the best fish tacos in town.
        For upscale Mexican, in Old town, El Agave, the food is excellent.
        For a quintesential California take on Pizza I highly recommend Pizza Port in beautiful Solana Beach for the local surf culture, great house made beer, pizza, ice cream...
        Georges at the Cove if you are going to check out La Jolla (upstairs at the terrace for lunch or dinner)
        Finally for French with that cali accent (and a stones throw from Chino farms) Mille Fleurs


        1. Here are my fav's..
          Fish the Brigantine for $2.25 and huge and their seafood happy hour..not the best but good and somewhat cheap.
          George's at the Cove..ocean terrace..lunch or dinner in La Jolla
          Hodad's in Ocean Beach for a great burger or Rocky's in Crown Point
          Taco Shops almost everywhere in SD are yummy and cheap..
          Fish Market downtown at the oyster bar..
          Sushi Ota in Mission Bay for the best sushi..sit at the bar if possible.
          Rubio's for a fish taco or In-and-Out for a double double and fries
          Saska's in Mission Beach for late night burger or cocktails..World famous in Mission Beach for lobster tacos on happy hour..Coaster Saloon for cheap drinks across from the Belmont Park.
          Lahaina's in Pacific Beach...Best Dive Bar on the water ever!
          Cafe Atheana in PB for great greek food..
          Point Loma Seafoods or El Pescador in La Jolla for a great fish sandwich

          1. Here's a recent thread for a San Franciscan with a lot of helpful recommendations. Enjoy!