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Jul 8, 2007 05:13 PM

Columbus, Ohio--help, please

I tried to think of a title that would help describe what I'm looking for, but ended up with something pretty broad. Thanks for checking anyway :).

My brother and his girlfriend are moving to Columbus, and I'd like to get a couple of gift certificates to help them explore their new neighborhood, which is called German-something, and is near downtown. I hope that's enough info to figure out the location I'm talking about! I'd like to stick with really "local"places, so that neighborhood or maybe the ones that directly border it would be best.

I'm not looking for special occasion spots, more Friday-night or "I can't deal with cooking on a Tuesday" sort of things. They are coming from Boston (so anything that's a local specialty would be great....German, maybe?) and I believe like all kinds of food. I'm happy to Google phone numbers/addresses, of course, but if 'hounds could give me an idea of average entree cost, that will help me figure out what $ gift certificates to buy.

Thank you!

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  1. It sounds like they're moving to German Village, which is a cool little neighborhood south of downtown. Luckily for them, there are some decent restaurants in the area worth checking out. I know you said you're interested in Friday-night spots, but let me put in a plug for Barcelona. It's a great Spanish joint in German Village that can be expensive (up to $30 for entree), but the times I've eaten there, the grub has been great.

    The place, though, that matches most of what you laid out is called the Mohawk Cafe, I think. It's on Mohawk in German Village. It's a small friendly place with good food, good beer. And it's very affordable. Every time I've gone, it's been good.

    On the chilled out side of things, check out Schmidt's. It's a sausage place. German all the way. Also Jimmy V's is a local bar that does Greek food. I think it's got one of the two best gyros in town. Both of those places are good and cheap.

    1. Katzinger's was one of my favorites when I lived in Columbus. The last time I was in town I remember a disappointing lox and egg salad sandwich. However, prior to that I remember many truly fantastic sandwiches of all kinds. Corned beef, pastrami, tongue, chopped liver. They also have a gourmet grocery. Coffee, salami, cheese, olive oil, etc...

      Tony's was another favorite. I can barely remember but I'm sure I thought highly of them at the time.

      Also, when I went to confirm that these restaurants were actually in German Village I came across this website:

      It mentions these, most or all of the ones that maafrank named and others.

      Katzinger's Delicatesen
      475 S 3rd St, Columbus, OH 43215

      Tony's Restaurant
      16 W Beck St, Columbus, OH 43215

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        Katzingers is still good. It's really, really good. The only thing, though, is that sandwiches are really expensive. I remember getting a large reuben there, which wasn't huge by any means, that cost 14 or 15 bucks. They do compensate with great, free pickles, though.

      2. I like the Easy Street Cafe - kind of a neighborhood bar with good Greek (and bar) food. Entrees are usually about $9-12. Tony's wasn't that great the last time I went, but it does have a nice atmosphere. Barcelona is really nice for atmosphere, although if we were talking fancier food I'd recommend G. Michael's or Lindey's for consideration, too ( Banana Bean Cafe on the outskirts of German Village is a very small, Key West-style place that has creative dishes in the $10-12 rance, but I don't think they have a liquor license.

        1. The Mohawk is a great little restaurant in the heart of German Village where they cook tasty food for a reasonable price. Their burgers are in the $6-8 range and most dinners are <$10. They do breakfast on the weekends. Down the street is Lindy's, way more upscale and more $$, but worth it.

          1. It's not local cuisine, but a good "I can't deal with cooking" kind of place is Happy Dragon on Livingston... They have delicious Chinese food, and the crab rangoon is to die for!

            I also vote for Lindys - they have a great brunch (gotta get the Croque Madame), Planks on Parsons (great pizza!), Schmidts for the creampuffs, and Banana Bean for the unique food. I had a great Oyster Po'Boy there. Brown Bag Deli on either 3rd or Mowhawk has really good sandwiches for less than Katzingers. The Village Addiction is my favorite to get and go eat at Schiller park :)

            Just moved out of the village a couple of weeks ago and am missing it already...