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Jul 8, 2007 05:11 PM

Provincetown Chow?

Looking for recommendations on Good Eats in P-Town? Who's got them? Like fresh food, especially seafood. Is there a good fish market in town?

Can't believe a Provincetown search yields no results...

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  1. "Can't believe a Provincetown search yields no results..."

    Nor will anyone else. A casual search for "Provincetown" on this board yields four (4) pages for just one year's worth of posts!

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    1. re: Harp00n

      Well - bless your heart Harp00n. But since search still seems to be "flukey" would you care to make a recommendation? Within walking distance of the center of town would be great.

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        Good stick to Your ribs seafood, Lobster Pot. family friendly,but You won,t be out of place with a beer in Your hands either! We ate at the Mews one night good food, fun place The Martin House was built in the17'00s and has that old time feel. The food however is cutting edge.

        1. re: Firedog

          The Martin House was placed on definitive Downhill Watch on this board when the management changed a couple of seasons ago, to the sadness of many who used to have fine experiences there.

          As for the Lobster Pot: do not order the chowder. It is frequently (perhaps always?) egregiously thick, an insult to clams. I recall ordering it and creating soft peaks, even standing my spoon in it. The waitress said the customers like it that way. Ugh.

      2. Search has been a bit flukey lately.

        We had some wonderful neighbors who introduced us to Cape tip fish and lobster out on route 6 is touro. They really had wonderful fresh fish. I notice that they deliver fish to all the restaurants we like.

        Our favorites are Ross Grill and Devon for dining out and Angel Foods for take out. But, we do stay in the East End so are not all that familiar with West End places.

        1. Don't know if you've had any luck yet with replies or searches. Try the Mews in town. Not seafood centric but we've always thought it to be pretty to very good and consistant, if pricey. Some other places can be good to awful. One great thing about dining in town is every meal comes with a comment. In town fish market/restaurant? - Clem & Ursis'. Again, think they've gotten pretty expensive but if you want a BIG bug they have them and will prepare it for you to eat there or to go. If you can get to Wellfleet we also enjoy the clams and oysters along with the oyster poorboy and chowder at the Bookstore, although someone on this board who used to work there won't eat there...something about teenagers working in restaurants. We've never had a problem, but we usually go off season so maybe some of the help is gone. (BTW we have seen locals and the help eating there but still, that person used to live there-we are only visitors). If you're concerned about eating the food there, for a small bar they have a great rum selection and that should help kill any problems you might encounter! They're also a pretty friendly group and maintain their own shellfish beds. What ever that sentence is supposed to mean ?. Verrellis' in Ptown had a pretty good deal last time we were there on a mayo based lobster roll for lunch (under ten bucks) and some pretty good bloody merry's. Their vodka is infused with sun dried tomatos, peppers, garlic and all sorts of other things. Lots of other places worth a try, just walk the main drag, no pun intended. I'm also surprised (although I didn't try) that a search here didn't give lots of info.
          Hope this helped some.

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          1. re: ryone

            Hello, BostonZest. I'm the 'hound who worked at the Bookstore. Although I'm admittedly jaded about the kitchen, I can highly recommend the raw bar there. Mike is one of the pioneering aquaculturists in Wellfleet (and the owner's son) and supplies superfresh product to the restaurant. His shellfish beds are just outside the restaurant off Mayo Beach. Don't let my baggage stop you from trying it out. If it's that constantly busy, there's got to be a reason. Looks like Carol Ann's doing some things right! And if you browse the actual bookstore around back, keep an eye out for old man Steve. He can tell you a fish tale or two.

          2. try searching as Ptown.
            Fanzini's fish fry on Friday nights.

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            1. re: ginnyhw

              We ate at Fanzini's in May for a special occassion with European friends..wonderful...

            2. Can anyone speak about Ross' this season? I have been reading all search results but not much from this season (and everything seems seasonal dependent). We are looking for a good place for lunch this weekend.

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              1. re: gramercyfoodie

                Ross's Grill is still very good, I esp like their burger which you can only get at lunch. Great wine list and it's always fun to eat at the bar. Not really east or west end, more like the center of town.
                The Red Inn is a beautiful spot, esp if you can get a table by the windows overlooking the harbor as the sun is setting. Food is excellent. All the way in the west end. More of a special-occasion sort of spot.
                For something more casual, with excellent food, there's a new place on the edge of the West End as you are heading into the center of town on the right hand side --it was a chinese restaurant for YEARS....and is now "Jimmy's Down Under." A fun bar with excellent comfort-style food...a friend had a very solid filet mignon there the other night, I had the burger, which was good.. we had great wings too...there's a linguine w/clams which looks's all just good basic food at reasonable prices..which can be hard to find in P'town.
                Clem & Ursie's is fun & they offer buck oysters from something like 3-5 which is a deal, though someone here posted recently that they went to check this out and they were "out" of oysters..??? really? at 4 in the afternoon? Anyway, it's a reliable standby if you're looking for "lobster in the rough" or just about any other seafood, (albeit a bit pricey for what you get); I got something other than seafood last time I went and was pleasantly surprised. A half bbq chicken, came with 2 sides and cornbread for around 10 bucks...THAT was a good deal, and tasty.
                Devon's is great; not cheap at dinner but worth it. I really enjoy breakfasts here. East End.
                Front Street is probably my favorite spot in all of P'town but you WILL need a rez just about any night in the summertime. It's always packed and always delicious. There's a seasonal menu with a bit more innovative dishes and then the standard Italian menu..everything is excellent here and service is extremely proficient. Center of town.
                If you're looking for down and dirty red sauce, I've always had a good meal at Ciro & Sal's --as you head out of the center of town toward the East End it's on your left sort of in a side alley. Nothing earth shattering but good renditions of classic traditional red sauce Italian.
                Those are just a few recs that come to mind.

                1. re: twentyoystahs

                  Thanks so much for the great suggestions...I really appreciate it.

                  1. re: twentyoystahs

                    We just had our first bad meal at Ciro and Sal's- always liked it in the past, sometimes great and sometimes eh but this July it was awful. We arrived 1/2 hour early for 7 pm rez on a sunday- no problem. The second floor dining room was empty except for one unhappy couple. Nice waiter but no interesting specials (scallops were good last year) so I ordered the lasagna- it was the 'yummy' special, and my husband ordered veal marsala, which he has had there before. We had house wine by the glass, very uninspired selection of whites and the recommended pinot noir was eh.Then the bread basket came with 4 skimpy slices of scali bread. We ate them and then the waiter asked if we were done with the basket (?) and removed it. We had to ask 3 times for water. My first course was fried zucchini and it was the best thing we had but it was oily and probably slapped on a plate right out of the fryolator. The lasagna was cold and tasted like it came out of a box of cheap pasta and my husbands veal was burned, the sauce had no marsala taste and was separated and oily. We should have gone to Napi's!
                    We did have a great meal at Fanizzi's- sea scallops and wild rice with seasonal vegetables, excellent veal parmesan and son's GF loved her fish and chips. We made reservations and the place was packed on a Friday at 7. We went for the fish fry but were diverted by their menu. Definitely going back.
                    Noreen's bistro is now in the Crown and Anchor and we had two breakfasts there. I love the Portugese scrambler and the coffee is excellent- it's her own blend. She made fresh hollandaise for my husband's eggs benedict and he was in heaven. I haven't tried the dinner menu there but it's on the list for next year.