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Jul 8, 2007 05:11 PM

great lunch in Harvard Square with outdoor dining??

I am looking for a great chowish lunch spot to eat outdoors on a Monday in the Square. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Harvest has an outdoor patio. I don't think I've ever actually ordered a meal there--just been to several receptions, so I can't comment on the food. Just throwing something out there. Hi Rise in Harvard Square has overpriced but decent sandwiches, and an outdoor patio. If I personally decided I had to eat outside in Harvard Square, I'd probably get a sandwich from Cardullo's and eat it in JFK Park. IMO (having lived here three years) Harvard Square is crap (but it sure beats Porter Square).

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      I was just about to suggest Harvest. I've been once for dinner and once for brunch/lunch and it was wonderful. I don't live in Boston anymore so I don't know if it's still good but when I went a few years ago I was really impressed by my meal...and if I remember correctly they had an awesome bread basket.

    2. I think that harvest is likely to be the best spot in the square itself for al fresco lunch. ZSquare also has outdoor tables but the food there is so disappointing. Grendel's Den has some tables outside too but its nothing to write home about.

      1. Hey vozick,
        And I'll third it, Harvest is wonderful alfresco dining. In fact, we've got to get there again ourselves and soon.


        1. Sort of not exactly chowish and not exactly outdoors and not exactly Harvard Square, but Cambridge Common is on Mass Ave just past the law school in the direction of Porter Square. They have some decent pub grub type stuff, a good beer selection and sidewalk seating, though I'm not sure when they actually seat or if they seat for lunch.

          I'm into this notion of a sandwich at Cardullo's (or perhaps better, at Darwin's further up Mount Auburn Street) and then finding a nice park.

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            Yeah, they seat for lunch. I walk past there during the day pretty often and see people dining at the sidewalk tables. (Personally I don't understand the appeal of dining on the Mass. Ave. sidewalk, but whatever floats your boat.)

          2. Mr. Bartley Burger Cottage. One of my favorite burgers in Boston, with a handful of outdoor tables. Get there early or expect to wait.