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Jul 8, 2007 05:02 PM

Santa Cruz still a dining waste land? [moved from San Francisco/Bay Area board

Any new, old, improved places to eat?

Many thanks.

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  1. Spent a nice weekend in June in Santa Cruz and did some research here to find good eats. We ended up eating one dinner at Theo's Restaurant which I thought was over rated but my dining companions loved and had a surprising great meal at Palapas Restaurant in Aptos. There is a good post here somewhere on Santa Cruz restaurants and they included Gabriella Cafe, Cafe Sparrow, Bleu Spoon. We thoroughly enjoyed Cafe Brasil for brunch and I would eat there often if I lived in the area.

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    1. re: Baroret

      Cafe Sparrow is great, or at least it was great when we ate there a year or so ago.

      We also enjoyed Cafe Cruz a lot

    2. There are plenty of good "sit down" restaurants around here. But, it is indeed a waste land for quick service / lunch places.

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      1. re: Matt of Aptos

        How about Gayle's or The Farmhouse?

        We have enjoyed both

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          Those are good. But, it seems like the good ones are way out numbered by the mediocre and inconsistent places.

      2. This ongoing thread should illuminate your question:

        My favorite food places right now are the nearly-daily local farmer's markets. Great summer fruit, veggies, and herbs right now...

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          I've been really enjoying Avanti for lunch in recent weeks....once an absolutely to-die-for porcini risotti and most recently a orchietta dish with local salmon and capers. The specials are outstanding, in my most humble opinion.

        2. Asian Rose and Malabar, formerly in two locations, are now one location on Front Street. At lunch it's Asian Rose -- you order at the cash register, then either order take-out or have a seat and they bring your order to you.

          I cannot recommend this enough as the best inexpensive lunch option in the city of SC. I haven't had one thing I didn't like, and the lunch specials range from $5.50-$7.00. Unbelievable deal for the delicious Sri Lankan food alone, and the restaurant is pretty and serene, with dark wood floors and tables, and billowing white fabric draped from the lofty ceiling rafters.