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Jul 8, 2007 04:48 PM

Arlequin and Modo closed!

Spent last night walking thru the Yorkville-Annex neighbourhood and noticed that these two restaurants have recently closed! Of course, Modo being in Toronto's premier 'cursed' location was bound to close...but only lasting a year?? Never dined there as I have never really liked their previous restaurants (La Vecchia and Monte Cristo), but just wondering if anyone had thoughts of what should be done with this terrible restaurant location that no one seems to be able to make work!

Secondly, we also noticed that the once great Arlequin has also closed. I remember having some pretty good lunches and late dinners there in the late 90's. Always a quaint little room with consistently good, simple french bistro fare. I wonder what this stretch of Avenue Road really needs to bring it back to life!

Hoping the area can lift through the past of boring over-rated, over-priced restaurants with the same menu etc. (sotto sotto, spuntini, era ora, cantine). At least Boba and Mistura are still good...but too expensive to be neighbourhood staples.

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  1. Sad about Arlequin, though I'm guessing that it won't be for long, as it isn't the first time it's wobbled. I'm surprised you haven't mentioned Cantine or Joso's as staples for the area. Cantine has a very reasonable menu that is well executed, and even somewhat adventurous if you try the curries. Joso's has been consistent for years, with the best calamari in the city (give or take the odd month when past chefs have gone up the road to short-lived ventures like Adriatico and Lure), and rooms that are the most iconic in Toronto dining.

    I was surprised to hear the perception that Boba is still good. While the food is well-executed, they haven't changed the menu in many, many years. I remember when Beaujolais was the most innovative restaurant in Canada. Now, these two chefs are living under saran wrap.

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      You're right Snarf about Boba I guess...I just meant that for quality and detail, its probably the best on the Avenue strip. The room however does need a serious update! Joso's is also great...almost forgot about it. It's been a few years since I've been to Joso's, but remember having a great time there (an expensive time too!) As for Cantine, no way...had 2 terrible meals there within the last year. Cool room, but quality and execution of food was very poor. Lets see what pops up in the vacant spaces.

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        I've always liked BOBA but, you're right, both the room and the menu could use some tweaking. I'd be surprised if Barbara isn't thinking about retirement. Bob is younger, but they've had a very long run.

      2. re: Snarf

        By iconic, do you mean tacky?