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Jul 8, 2007 04:24 PM

Good seafood in CT not along shoreline

Having someone visit who has requested having lunch at an "authentic New England seafood restaurant." Problem is we're near Danbury, not the shore. Our guest wants a place with a raw bar, lobster rolls (of grilled roll and butter not mayo variety), and fried seafood. I used to go to Frank's Simply Seafood in Bethel, but it is no longer around. Any suggestions?

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  1. Denmo's in Southbury fits the Lobster Roll & fried Seafood request (no raw bar - more of a roadside stand). It's up 84 (I'm thinking exit 15 - I usually go back roads to hit the Dog Park first). I wrote a review of it here:

    Denmo's Famous Original Drive
    340 Main St S, Southbury, CT 06488

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      Thanks for the suggestion, but it doesn't suit the request of our guest. I love Denmo's and go there frequently, but it is not a Seafood restaurant (think water, nautical theme, etc.). If you think of any others, I'd love to know!

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        The only other seafood place I know of is Joey's in New Milford. Only went there once (about 4 years ago) but don't remember what they really had (I remember the food was good, but dining room was cramped).

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          I just remembered "The Catch" in Ridgefield on Rt 7 (used to be King Neptunes). I haven't seen any reviews on this site (one just said they heard it was pricy but good).

    2. I'm not from that area, but CT isn't that big, why not just go to the shore? Rt. 7 will take you to Norwalk and Rt. 1, there has to be all kinds of places in that area. I'm from West Hartford originally, and we used to drive to Old Saybrook area all the time for seafood. It was a nice drive and a fun thing to do

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        1. I would try Swanson's in Monroe on route 25. Call before you go to see what is on the menu that day. They only have a few tables, but I think it is what you are looking for. They serve their lobster rolls as you described.

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            I really want a restaurant rather than a market with a few tables. Swanson's is good, but we want a place with waitress service, etc.