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Jul 8, 2007 04:21 PM

Eats on a coastal trip from LA to San Diego?

My wife and I are driving along the coast from LA to San Diego next weekend and wanted to check out the top restaurants in the area. We haven't been to Southern California before and are looking for a mix of places from a quick lunch in a beach town while we're driving to a romantic dinner at a prime destination. We're staying 2 nights in LA then heading south to La Jolla for the rest. Any can't miss spots?

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  1. If you haven't done this already: you might want to post this question on the Los Angeles board, too.

    Here on the California board you are likely to get recommendations for the San Diego County part of your trip, while Orange County & Los Angeles County recommendations are available on the Los Angeles board.

    Have a good trip...& please report back what you eat & find.

    1. In the L.A. area it doesn't get more romantic than Inn of the 7th Ray in Topanga... a bit out of the way, but it's a nice ride if you take the coast. For San Diego, For food and romance, Mille Fleurs. And listen to some great jazz on kkjz on your way down. For the ride down, well for the L.A. experience you need to try Tito's Tacos. It's not fancy or romantic but the food is good and has a lot of local color!

      1. LA area--Malibu Seafood off PCH. It's casual but delicious and right on the beach! In S.D. on the other end-pricewise, we've always had a great meal at Donovan's in La Jolla. This is more of a fine dining/steakhouse experience.

        1. I would highly recommend Pizza Port in Solano Beach, which is not far from the Del Mar horserace track and right across the street from the Amtrak station. They make great pizza with a variety of toppings to choose from and they brew their own beers. Many of their beers possess higher than normal alcohol content, so be careful! There's also one in San Clemente, but I prefer the Solano Beach location.

          1. Here are some of my recommendations most of which will are on the higher end:

            Matsuhisa - Dinner
            Sushi - Expensive
            Beverly Hills

            Melisse - Dinner
            French - Cal version - Expensive
            Santa Monica

            230 Forest Avenue
            Lunch - California - Moderate
            Enjoy downtown Laguna Beach, park on beach across Coast Highway
            Laguna Beach

            Ramos House
            Brunch - California twist on New Orleans - Moderate
            Covered outdoor eating - Closed Mondays
            San Juan Capistrano

            San Diego
            Pamplemousse Grille - Expensive
            Dinner - French New
            Solana Beach

            A.R. Valentien
            Dinner - California - Expensive
            Torrey Pines - La Jolla

            El Zarape
            Lunch or Dinner - 99 cents for a fish taco what can I say
            I rate as a must try hole in the wall for San Diego - Baja Mexican
            Go with the scallop tacos, fish tacos and calamari quesadillas
            Univeristy Heights

            Karen Krasne Extraordinary Desserts
            Desserts - Inexpensive
            San Diego -Little Italy or Hillcrest