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Jul 8, 2007 04:02 PM

dinner in Nantucket?

My husband and I will be in Nantucket in August. It will be a big birthday and I am looking for a great dining experience. We eat in alot of great Boston restaurants, so I'm not looking for stuffy and expensive. Any ideas? Thanks everyone.

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  1. Hi, I'm a lurker on this board but I have to pipe up about Nantucket. I've always enjoyed Cioppino's on Broad Street. I find it elegant without being stuffy. Also Centre Street Bistro.

    1. How about lunch at Toppers at the Wauwinet Inn. We did that a few years ago and it was one of our most perfect experiences. They came into town and picked us up on a boat and took us across the harbor to the inn. We had lunch on the patio with a great bottle of wine.

      We enjoyed it so much that we arrange a repeat of the experience for friends who were about to be married and who were honeymooning on the island. The actually called us from their honeymoon to thank us for the day.

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        Here is a link to the setting for this experience!

        Topper's At the Wauwinet
        120 Wauwinet Road, Nantucket, MA 02554

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          We stayed there last year and the food at Topper's was always exceptional. It's the first time I've ever had an amuse bouche with my breakfast!

          I imagine it would be extra special with the boat ride.

        2. Stuffy you can avoid, expensive really is unavoidable out here. The Toppers with boat ride suggestion is probably the most expensive meal on the island. They used to do a tasting menu for lunch that was great, but changed chefs last year and now just offer a regular menu-- though its definitely a great option for a special night. Straight Wharf restaurant is nice, with a table for two on the patio over the water- two great young Boston chefs took it over last year and are doing a great job with it- they also offer a nice lunch and brunch. The Galley is a beautiful setting for a romantic dinner, great sunset on the beach. The Summer House in Sconset is also very special and romantic, though a trek from town and cannot tell you anything about the new chef. All the above are probably $75/ head for app, dinner and dessert before booze.

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            We just returned from Nantucket. Straight Wharf is perfect. Excellent food, wine and service and there is nothing better than the view from the patio. Topper's definately the most expensive, but worth it, their wine list is mine blowing but the Sommelier is a little off putting. Of all the meals we had there Summer House was the most disappointing. the service was excellent and the room takes me back to 50's when people dressed for dinner, but the food was boring. Have a great trip, I am jealous. Someday I hope to spend the season there.

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              I vote Black Eyed Susans. Great food, casual place. You have to line up at 6 for the evening reservations, and BYOB, but the line is usually pretty jovial.

          2. I haven't been for a while but I have heard and read great things about Straight Wharf with husband and wife chefs who have great backgrounds. Amanda Lydon cooked at a few restaurants in boston and was successful wherever she went.

            For a very nice dining experience you might check out "Company of the Cauldron". It is a small restaurant with 2 seatings per night and a limited set menu which usually has a couple of choices for appetizers and entrees. They usually post their menus somewhat in advance so you can determine if they will be serving items you might like or dislike. It is a little strange because everyone arrives a the same time and food is usually served pretty much the same way. Nice people and a very sweet room - but not a lot of choices if that is what you are looking for.

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              Second that! One of the top ten meals of my life. A truly unique experience.