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Jul 8, 2007 04:01 PM

Anaheim Hills help

I'm going to be in the area of E. La Palma and Imperial Highway for 3 days at a conference. I've been there a bunch of times, but it's been awhile so I'm wondering if there's anything new or something I might have missed before. There's the huge shopping center at that intersecion with several eateries (I remember Knollwood...but can't remember what else is there)...and I've been to a Thai place on La Palma near there. I remember going up Imperial Highway to Yorba Linda Blvd (I think?) and eating at Fitness Pizza...are there other restaurants in that area?

Anything within 10-15 minute drive will be great.


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  1. In YL (head up Imperial to YL Blvd, about 2 mi. north of La Palma):

    La Bettola (YLBlvd @ Lakeview) -- Awesome nieghborhood Italian, not a red sauce joint. Solid seafood, risottos and pastas. Closed Sun/Mon... gets busy at peak dining hours.

    Blue Agave ( YLBlvd, just east of La Bettola) - Decent Southwestern/Mexican. Full bar with nice tequila options. Lunch and dinner-- daily, I think.

    Wild Artichoke (YLBlvd east to Yorba Ranch Road) -- Chef-owner bistro with varied menu of Cal-Ital season-based dishes. Dinner only. It's tiny, so call ahead. Also closed Sun/Mon.

    In Ana Hills (Imperial going the other direction):

    Keno's (La Palma, just east of Imperial) -- Satisfying American breakfasts, safe lunches and yummy broasted chicken at dinner. Easy time warp dining. Good happy hour if you're so inclined. Friendly service, open early and late.

    Yves' Bistro (Imperial @ Santa Ana Canyon behind Foxfire) -- Euro-Ital menu. Good salads and souffles. Lunch/dinner

    Shenai (acrows from Yves') -- Decent Indian, pleasant environs. Lunch buffet is a bargain, natch.

    Rosine's (Weir Canyon @ Serrano) -- Delectable roisserie chix and very good Lebanese dishes in a snappy cafe setting. Unexpectedly worthy wine list. Value pricing all around. Daily, lunch and dinner.

    Foxfire, Foscari, Marie Callendar's

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      Second Rosine's . My parents live out there and I general avoid eating out (pretty poor restaurants in general, mostly chains). But Rosines has consistently NICE roasted chicken and hummus...and we love the rice. Good for take out.

      The community likes to eat at Latte Da's for breakfast (in the shopping center on Weir). I think the coffee is so-so, but the egg dishes are not bad.

      1. re: running pig

        Rosine's is a must. Their garlic chicken is off the charts, and the rest of their offerings are great too. Lamb kebobs, babaganoush (sp), tabouli. All of it. My mouth is watering. I miss that place. I used to live up the street from there and have been a ton of times. You will definitely enjoy.

      2. re: OCBites

        I'll second THE WILD ARTICHOKE (my review ) and ROSINE'S. Those are probably your best bests in the area.

        If you're willing to venture out a bit, there's DARYA (Persian) in Orange not more than 10 minutes from you.

        1. re: OCAnn

          And if you're willing to go to Darya, right north of it is Zena's Lebanese cuisine, which is in my TOTALLY humble opinion better than Rosine's.

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Totally agree that ZENA'S is much better than ROSINE'S.
            Better menu and better prices.

        2. re: OCBites

          I think for the Area that FOSCARI is worth a visit for Italian Pastas and Entrees.

        3. Senor Baja have their OC outpost on Weir Cyn and Serrano in the Ralphs plaza -- fantastic fish and shrimp tacos, up there with El Taco Nazo and Tacos Baja Ensenada.

          91 east to exit 41 (Weir Cyn/YL Blvd), right off the exit, go a few lights uphill, it's on the right just BEFORE the light at Serrano. Same plaza as Rosine's, also a good choice.

          1. My business is at that intersection and here are some of our office faves (we have a bunch of food freaks working there):

            -Yves' Bistro Santa Ana Canyon and Imperial
            -Mandarin Garden (Santa Ana Canyon, west of Imperial) has reliable Chinese but nothing crazy.
            -The Fish Grill by Knollwoods has good fish tacos. Imperial and La Palma
            -Blake's off of Miraloma has pretty good BBQ.
            -There is an Indian restaurant across from Yves' in the same shopping center that has a decent lunch. Santa Ana Canyon and Imperial
            -Z Pizza just opened up in the Yves' Bristo shopping center, and while they are a chain the still serve up some good pie. Santa Ana Canyon and Imperial
            -Rosine's is a hit, always. Weir Canyon
            -The Steer Inn, while a bit old school, has an okay steak. Lakeview and Riverdale.
            -Fish in a Bottle does some interesting rolls (although I tend to steer away from non-Japanese owned sushi... the owner, a mix of Korean and Irish, does some interesting stuff). Imperial Hwy in Brea
            -PK Burger has a good jalepeno burger and very good onion rings. Imperial Hwy and Kraemer in Brea
            -Amazing Kebab House is at N. Glassell and Riverdale and has a few good kebab plates.

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            1. re: holy chow

              And if you want some Pinkberry type yogurt theres a place on the Northwest side of the street, where the Wells Fargo is at. I don't remember the name of the place but its right next to the Chinese restaurant. Self serve place with plain and green tea, at least that's what they had the last time I was there.