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Jul 8, 2007 03:19 PM

Saddle Brook, New Jersey [moved from Mid-Atlantic board]

Haven't been in years, but remember a place on Market Street called Que Pasta. They made all their own pastas, and you could choose which sauce you'd like. I remember it being good, not fantastic, but good. It's a BYO. I want to meet a friend there and looked up their menu. Looks like they've taken some suggestions and improved their menu, i.e. adding some steaks, etc. Would like to hear some rants, reviews, etc. Thanks.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The place is still kickin'. I haven't eaten in the sit down restaurant, but I have gotten take out from here a few times. The food is excellent for a casual place. The portions are large and the prices are very good.

      1. Sorry to tell you, but Que Pasta used to be decent,

        In my opinion, total garbage now. I mean the food is worse than Olive Garden if you are Italian, service isn't bad, but more like the "Hurry up and eat and get out type"

        Just went last week, yukkk

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        1. re: fact81

          Wow, "fact81" -- sounds like you need to get your "facts" straight. If you are Italian, Olive Garden is the one that is "yukkk" as you so eloquently put it.
          Que Pasta makes all their own pastas...doesn't get much better than that, unless, of course, someone else is picking up your tab....

          1. re: shopgirl

            just because a pasta is homemade doesn't make it good. additionally, not all dishes benefit from fresh pasta over dried pasta.

            1. re: tommy

              Point taken -- thanks tommy. i was just trying to get the point across to fact81 that que pasta is certainly a few notches over olive garden. for one thing, it's not a chain.

              1. re: shopgirl

                You were wondering how it is now, as you hadn't been for years and Fact stated it used to be decent, and now it's garbage....i think that pretty much answers yer question

        2. We don't really go in for dinner but we do take out. For the Price and type if place it is, I think it is pretty good.
          Our Options for Italian take out are Que Pasta or the Pizza places and I say Que Pasta is a better option.