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Jul 8, 2007 02:42 PM

Review of Bread 'n' Buns in Clermont

One of my husband's co-workers had reviewed this restaurant on her dining blog, and we'd been wanting to try it for a while. We love, love, LOVE cream soups, so the creamy soup of the day got us excited. We went today and enjoyed it very much. We both had their Triple of the Day deal: 1/2 soup, 1/2 sandwich, and 1 pastry for $7.79, which we felt was a good deal, for the sheer volume of food that we got! I had the Creamy Soup of Leek and Tomatoes, which was flavorful, creamy, and very good, along with a very light Smoked Atlantic Salmon sandwich.

My husband opted for the Onion Soup with Gruyere Toast and the Double Cheese Veggie. His sandwich was a disappointment; it was so mild as to be almost flavorless, and it was served too cold, which probably contributed to the lack of flavor. He enjoyed his soup, though it was heavy on the thyme.

Our "pastry of the day" was a cinnamon roll with a chocolate sauce, which was quite good. The chocolate sauce had a hint of orange flavor, and the pastry itself was soft, with big, plump raisins.

If anyone would like to read my full review, with photos, it's on my dining blog:

We would definitely recommend this place to someone looking for a soup/sandwich/salad shop in Clermont - it's a more interesting, more affordable alternative to Panera Bread.

Heather W

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  1. I work in the area & they have sent us a menu about 10 times but haven't gotten to it yet. I don't like Panera and sadly the office votes for Crispers (gag) when we are trying to be "good"... (as they say)

    Have you heard of a place called "Chefs Table" - I shoulda known better than to order a pressed cuban (ya neva know!) Will try them again before they are off the list.

    Nice sammy shots on your blog. Actually looks like a LOT of food.

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    1. re: Boccone Dolce

      It is a lot of food - we were very impressed with the amount we got, for the money. We haven't tried Chef's Table yet. I work in that area also, and I've heard nothing but bad about them from co-workers who have gone there.

      Heather W

    2. Have been to Bread N Buns several times. Quality and service lacks. I think they give more away then they get paid for to make up for the obvious customer service mistakes. Too bad Clermont needed a good bakery.