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Jul 8, 2007 02:41 PM

Ruth's Chris

My first time .... I'm headed to the Woodland hills location. what to order? Just do the Filet and be done with it? what are the must have sides?

Had to edit to spell it correctly....

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  1. Its actually Ruth's Chris, so you might do a search under that spelling.

    by all means Order a steak. I'm not a huge filet guy (i prefer more flavorful, less tender) so I get the strip or the ribeye. The sides are really solid...Au Gratin potatoes are killer, creamed spinach is very very good.

    Its one of the few chains that I really like.

    1. How do you like your steaks? Filets are best for medium rare or rare, while fattier cuts like rib eye are best for medium and above. Creamed spinach is OK and house salad is OK, but avoid their potato sides which are not good

      1. I'm neither rich nor a steak eater, so this is not a restaurant that I was choose to dine at by myself. A co-worker treated several of us to dinner at the Beverly Hills branch. I thoroughly enjoyed the petite filet and the broccoli with cheddar. The steak is cooked at 1800 degrees, so it doesn't take long and it doesn't dry out.

        The service was excellent and the ambience was just fine.

        1. Filet is very good. I ask them for no butter. If you don't, they will put a bunch of butter on the plate. I like the shrimp and petit filet. I think they give you two petit filets and some shrimps. The shrimps are very yummy. I also like the asparagus for the sides, and I love their French Onion Soup (if you like that).

          1. I love the WH Ruth's Chris. I always start with a martini and an order of BBQ shrimp (or two) for the table (which is really more like a scampi--delicious!). Then I will split a small Ruth's Chopped Salad with someone. My entree is always a filet cooked medium, (it's not much more money than the petite, and then I have enough to take home for lunch the next day). For sides, which are enough to share, I get the asparagus with hollandaise sauce and either the sweet potato casserole (fabulous), mashed potatoes, potatoes au gratin, or shoestring fries. If I go with my family and there are 4 or 5 of us, we usually add creamed spinach and a second potato dish. I wind up with a food hangover, but it's so worth it! Let me know how your dinner is.