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Jul 8, 2007 02:38 PM

islands in encino, please help???

my girlfriend wants to go there for dinner tonight, is there anything good on the menu? what should I order, please help

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  1. I like Islands!
    My two cents: Their burgers come many different ways -- with pineapple, BBQ-ed, blue cheese, ... -- and while I don't do their burgers, I really like their veggie burgers. This is probably not what you are craving, but you can dress their veggie burgers any way you like, with the same options as their hamburgers.

    Since we live in the 'burbs, it is our go-to place when we are too tired to drive or decide.

    When they are crowded (and even when they are not), we sit in the bar area at one of their high tables and find pretty good service. I can not speak for the service in Encino, however.

    1. Hi, Adam,
      Here's the menu:

      I would go with a basket of fries, the cheese fries or the nachos appetizer. Do you like burgers? I don't eat burgers very often, but they have a pretty diverse burger menu. If you don't want a burger, you might go for a sandwich or the tacos plate.

      I find that the smoothies at Islands taste really artificial. I probably won't order one there again. If you like rootbeer, the rootbeer float might be up your alley. Enjoy

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      1. re: katkoupai

        I love Islands! Good burgers, really good fries and slammin pork tacos. The food can be on the salty side which is probably why I like it, more salt makes my beer or cocktail taste better.

        1. re: bubbles4me

          Fries would be better if they didn't cut them up into those little shorty pieces (why do they do that?).

      2. I like the Hawaiian burger, on wheat. I also like the cheese fries.

        1. tortilla soup is good. basket of fries, sides of mayo, ranch, whatever you please. bleunami - medium, wheat bun.

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          1. re: jaydee

            The soup is great. I like The Pelican, and the roast chicken.

          2. Mm mm mm that is a tasty burger.

            I'm also a big fan of the chili cheese fries.