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Jul 8, 2007 02:35 PM

Islands, what to order?

so my girlfriend wants to go to islands, is there anything good there? what should I order? thanks

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  1. Hi, Adam,
    Here's the menu:

    I would go with a basket of fries, the cheese fries or the nachos appetizer. Do you like burgers? I don't eat burgers very often, but they have a pretty diverse burger menu. If you don't want a burger, you might go for a sandwich or the tacos plate.

    I find that the smoothies at Islands taste really artificial. I probably won't order one there again. If you like rootbeer, the rootbeer float might be up your alley. Enjoy.

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      Always, when you are trying someplace you have never been, get what is the basic- what the name/style of the restaurant is...see if they do it right. Don't spend money on something that buries basic flavors, not the first time. Get the Big Wave Burger. See if it tastes like a burger and bread you like. Don't dress it up (no cheese, no fancy sauce, no bacon or avocado...just lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo or mustard...). You can do that next time.

      Fries are good here. You get a LOT in a basket. If you want to take extra home, the bag they give you has re-heating and cooking recipes for the leftovers.

    2. cheese fries (w/extra sides of ranch), unlimited cherry coke, and a big wave! yummy. i love islands though.

      some people i know love the hawaiian burger - teriyaki & pineapple.

      1. Drinks, the food is underwhelming.

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        1. I can't believe you are asking about Islands! I helped open the first restaurant with the original owners back in the 80's in Los Angeles. In fact- I taught them how to make the homemade fries- blanched at 350 then cooked again to order at 425! Anyway- the burgers are fine, not great so I disagree with others who suggested going plain to see if you like the taste of the burger itself. The bun I recommend is the honey wheat, and it is grilled which really makes for a better burger experience! Here is the deal- if you like sweet and salty, the teriyaki sauce and pineapple are a great combo-hold any tomato and lettuce, that doesn't work. Also- the soft fish tacos (if they still have them) are quite tasty too-not the chicken, that is way overcooked! The menu may have changed completely, I haven't lived in LA for a while but at the price, you're not making a big investment in your meal so enjoy!

          1. Used to love Islands but it's gone downhill imho. However I used to love the Mushroom Burger (can't recall the catchy name) and the nachos are really good. Covered in a thick blanket of cheese. Once their was a piece of fried burlap (from the potato sacks) in my fries and the manager told me "well, don't eat it".