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Jul 8, 2007 02:35 PM

Please help my son cool off

My 13 year old son is on his first trip to NYC right now and I'm guessing he's pretty hot. I've found a lot of good tips on this board, especially on the thread from April about a 13 year old girl's vacation. (The gelato next door to the tenement museum, for example--he's going there today) Anyhow, tomorrow he's going to the Empire State Building in the morning and then is going to walk around midtown (looking at the Flatiron building, Beekman Place, Met Life Tower etc.) I suggested lunch in the Grand Central Terminal. (Or is that not a good idea?) Then after lunch they're going to the New York public library, JP Morgan library, Chrysler Building, the U.N., Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall. Then they're going to walk on Park Avenue and 5th Avenue. I'm afraid he's going to melt! He's with his grandfather (an architecture buff, you may have guessed.) I've seen mentions of a Shake Shack, but I think that's out of the way. Any other ideas of places along the route for ice cream, milkshakes, gelato...(he's never had an egg cream), any place cool (in both senses of the word)? I realize this is (very) short notice, but thanks.

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  1. If he times the trip to the Flatiron building for lunch it is RIGHT NEXT to Shake Shack. In fact, they can stand on the way too long line and kill time by admiring the Flatiron building, the Metlife building & the buildings that are now Credit Suisse headquarters but used to be something much more grand.

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      Thanks, I'll let them know. I hate feeling so stupid. Maybe in the future I'll be a bit nicer to all the clueless visitors to S.F.

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        Glencora, *you* can watch them remotely on camera as they wait in line. Actually, if they're just interested in custard they can go directly to the front of the line. I believe that rule is still in effect.

        The shack's camera --->

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          Wow. Do people really check out the line before going? Mind-boggling. But I liked taking a peek, made me feel closer to him. (I wish I were there!)

    2. It's been about 25 years since I was there, but I thought the Oyster Bar in Grand Central was a great place for seafood. Can anybody comment with more current experience?

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        horrible horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the food tru;y sucks-yuck!!!!!!! don't waste your time or money-i loved it years ago-now i won't even give it a 2nd chance!

      2. He'll pass many Mr Softee ice cream trucks while walking around. And pretty much every fancy store on 5th or Park Ave has serious ac blasting!

        And there's a place with decent gelato on 6th between 19th and 20th (west side), not too far from the Flatiron.

        1. If he's going to be near the NY Public Library, he can check out some of the Japanese places on 41st Street (between 5th & Madison Aves.) for some cool sweets. Cafe Zaiya currently has black sesame and green tea ice cream for sale along the Beard Papa's cream puff counter. I think they also have some sort of frozen green tea shake for sale too. Also check out Chiyoda Sushi a few doors down -- they offer some cold desserts (like blancmange or cold crepes with fruit and cream) on the counter in a large wooden tub as well.

          1. Am I too late with this? Eisenberg's (5th between 22nd & 23rd; right across from the Flatiron Building). It's just a hole in the wall sandwich shop with a long counter and some small tables, but you'll never forget your meal there.