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Jul 8, 2007 02:29 PM

where is the best steamed pork dumplings in Boston

i am headed to logan tomorrow to pick up some family. i would like to drop into chinatown and buy a dozen or two char sui bao (steamed pork dumplings) to take home and keep in my freezer. does anyone have a suggestion where to get some really good bao.
i live about 2 hours away and love to get good ethnic food to take home.

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  1. Char Sui Bao is some kind of bakery while steamed pork dumpling is dumpling. I guess what you are looking for is the Char Sui Bao (pork bun). I have only bought frozen Char Siu Bao in NY but not Boston. In fact, I only like Char Sui Bao from the restaurant. So if you really want good Char Sui Bao and you don't mind paying, then order them from Hei La Moon or China Pearl.

    If not, I suggest you going to Super 88 or Ming Supermarket on Washington St. Boston. They have all different kinds of frozen food like Char Sui Bao, dumplings, Xiaolongbao... More importantly, they have parking. I don't remember the name brand I like in English (嘉嘉). You can get as much as you want.

    Also Windsor Bakery on Harrison Ave has non-frozen Cha Siu Bao ($1 each). They have a lot of other stuff. They have Bao made with Bok Choi and pork and something called "Big Bun" (Da Bao) which has quail egg, dry mushroom , pork, chicken. It is my favorite Chinese Bakery.