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Jul 8, 2007 02:08 PM

brunch and indian question little neck/gneck area

Moved from bkheights to little neck/gneck (right off of northern pkway). Been pleasantly surprised by the food choices in general. But have had no luck with brunch- anybody know anywhere good? Missing Clarks like you wouldn't believe.

While I'm at it- can't even find indian food- heard there might be some good stuff in nearby douglaston- anyone have any ideas?? Much appreciated.

Oh of course- anything within walking distance would be great- I live right by vespa....

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  1. I haven't tried it yet because I'm nowhere near, but Kerala Kitchen is in Floral Park.

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      i had always meant to check out la baraka, a french/med place on northern blvd near little neck pkwy, that serves an apparently good brunch. i moved too far west now to check it out.

      otherwise, in eastern queens, brunch is really not an option. i opt for diner food. there's tons along northern blvd, stretching from as far west as clearview expressway (north shore, bayside diner), down to where you are (scobee diner). there's one across the way from the driving range. there's a few more east on long island... perhaps you can ask on the tristate board for better locations?

      also, if you have a car - i love the ham and egg place on old country road by roosevelt field mall. i think it's called thomas' diner. you get your breakfast served right on the skillet it was cooked. super, super packed all weekend mornings but if you eat at the counter, no wait.

    2. Tons of great "Indian" food nearby your location. Head south to Hillside and Union Turnpike on both sides of the Queens and Nassau line. Kerala Kitchen is excellent and very different then any place I know of, they do a buffet on the weekends for $9.99 you can try many tasty and odd dishes. Fiza Diner is a Pakistani kebab and steam table joint, dingy and small but dishing out very spicy, delicious cheap food. Heritage is the opposite experience, large room, well decorated with first class service and good food. Nanking is a "chinese" restaurant staffed by and primarily patronised by south asians. It is different that the "Tangra" style places, it is a different type of fusion. I had a lobster in black pepper sauce last night that was awesome. Santoor has a great buffet on weekends, and there is also an Afghan Grill and a Tangra Masala in the area. Almost all these places have websites and have been talked about on these boards frequently so you will find a lot of info with a little research. Go out, explore and report what you find, enjoy.