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Jul 8, 2007 01:36 PM

visitor needs help - family friendly


Any of you have suggestions for a decent italian restaurant that would welcome two kids? We're visiting TO and staying near Yonge & York Mills. We have a car, and also familiar with the subway. The last two nights we've had pretty bad meals - would like to stop spending $$$ on mediocre food. So any thoughts a good place (could be other than italian) that can impress the parents and also serve up a bowl of pasta w/butter for our two kids? Thanks!!!

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  1. Five Doors North is a fun Italian spot near Yonge and Davisville -- informal, relaxed Italian cuisine, and I'm sure they'd accommodate your kids.
    Not far from there is Quince, which is a tad fancier, but very reasonably priced. I bet they would be happy to make something for the kids.

    Five Doors North
    2088 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S2A3, CA

    2110 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4S 2A5, CA

    1. How old are your kids? My first thought was of Korean BBQ, which is kind of an interactive thing but only if the kids are of a certain age. There are several with varying opinions on all, but Korean Grill House on Queen West at McCaul (Osgoode subway) is the one I have been to.
      Had amazing salsa with empanadas at Jumbo Empanadas in Kensington Market this weekend.
      Danforth has lots of great Greek places and my pick would be Mezes (in my experience you're treated like kings at a greek restaurant when you have kids with you!). Get off at Chester station and walk east (turn left on Danforth).
      Rebel House across from Rosedale subway is more pub, but has well-reviewed food including kid-friendly/kid-adaptable dishes.

      1. being in a bit of a rush, i'll just list some options here - more details can be found by searching this board as lots have been written about all of these:

        middle eastern:
        Jerusalem - on eglinton west of bathurst
        Me Va Me - on north west corner of bathurst and steeles
        armenian kitchen -on victoria park/eglinton
        aladdin's palace - on victoria park/steeles

        asian legend - at yonge/north of sheppard
        congee queen - don mills/lawrence or leslie/finch

        thai bistro - yonge st west side, south of finch
        joy thai - yonge st, 1 block north of lawrence
        thai plate - bathurst/s of wilson (wilson=york mills)

        deli/diner style:
        united dairy - bathurst/lawrence

        wasabi - hwy 7/leslie

        korean - grill options suggested below are good

        ethiopian - always good if kids are open to new tastes and could be novel for them to eat with hands - ethiopian restos also tend to offer pasta options on their menu and would likely oblige if not - i'd recommend ethiopian house (yonge/irwin), lalibela (bloor west/ossington), there are so many others you can check out on this board

        cuisine of india - yonge st, north of sheppard, on west side, steps north of asian legend

        1. Trio, at 3239 Yonge (about a kilometer south of York Mills) is very family friendly, but still feels like a "nice dinner" for the parents. Basic pasta/wood-oven pizza type place. I see families in there regularly, and they are very good about special requests.

          1. Terroni on Yonge at Balmoral would be a great choice..for kids and adults alike! (Italian, great pizzas and salads, large portions)