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Jul 8, 2007 12:46 PM

Galatoire's is it closed in July and August? and also...

if it is,

then for future reference do they locals that go here really have a tab (so you don't need cash or credit cards) or is that a joke?

also, what do you drink here to go with the food? Pimm's cup, Sazerac, Ramos Fizz, or do you go the wine routed and get a selection of fine white wine from Burgundy? are the cocktails reasonably priced? or what?

also, for dessert how's the cafe brulot? is it kind of like irish coffee?

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  1. Nope - not closed that I know of! They are, however, closed on Mondays. For more:

    Don't know about the tab part, but my favorite cocktail to have there is either a Sazerac or a "Galatoire's Special" - which is a Saz made with bourbon instead of rye. Usually have a cocktail (or two if not driving) before and with apps, and then wine with main course.

    My standards are Oysters Rockefeller and Trout Amandine, but there are tons of great dishes on the menu.

    Cafe Brulot is, IMHO, more flavorful than irish coffee, but I don't often have either The orange and clove set it off nicely. Definitely try it.

    If going at night, know that they do require jackets for men.

    Bon App!

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      I know a law firm that keeps a tab there. They pay off the bill with legal services. It certainly wouldn't surprise me if others have tabs.

      1. re: Frolic

        Many locals have private accounts, which is a throw-back to the days when credit cards were not accepted.

        1. re: pilaf

          That's exactly right. Once upon a time, you had only to drop a note to the restaurant, and they'd open an account for you.

          I've stopped using mine and started using credit cards because a quarter of the mail addressed to Galatoire's gets returned to sender -- including bill payments! The accountant says it's been a problem since Katrina.

    2. When I lived there I had tabs at four or five restaurants, that's what makes New Orleans so special!!

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        How do you handle the tipping with a monthly bill?

      2. For a signed tab you simply add the tip to the total and the restaurant pays the waiter then and there. Or you can leave cash.

        A cottage industry has sprung up of people trying to get lower numbers becuase they think it indicates they have had a house account longer than someone with a higher number. Not true. When they numbered the accounts in the 1970's they did iy alphabetizing the customers and even then some flip flops occured. A father and son had consecutive numbers but they were inverted. maybe they bowed to age and put the old man first.

        Am toddling down there today to have lunch witha visitng Swiss friend. Should take a couple of hours off my cardiac life.

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        1. re: hazelhurst

          Too funny about the lower numbers. I'm constantly tickled by Old New Orleans machinations.