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Jul 8, 2007 12:41 PM

What is in a Chicken Madness?

It's been a few years now since I've left D.C. (moved to Florida) and recently I was thinking about the Chicken Madness from Wisemiller's Deli in Georgetown- I can't for the life of me remember what is in it or what made it taste so good? I believe it was just chicken, green and red peppers, mayo lettuce tomato... what else? Does anyone out there know or have a good guess? Was it really that good or am I just being nostalgic?

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  1. Nostalgic IMO. I tried it from a rec on this board. Since I didn't go to Georgetown, it had absolutely no effect on me, plus the bread they use is nothing special.

    1. I haven't had one, but I did find the recipe in a non-food forum. My guess is what made it so good that you're forgetting is the bacon!

      sub roll, mayo, chopped lettuce, two tomato slices.

      then; the following are all put on a griddle and cooked: two chicken breasts (chopped), bacon, red/green peppers, hot peppers, then two slices of provolone are melted on top of it, and they shovel the whole mess onto the sub roll.

      1. What is in a Chicken Madness? Happiness and joy and all that is good and pure in this world.

        But like tubman said, it's mostly the bacon. I also thought the combo of mayo and hot peppers was especially tasty, and I think Wisey's generally uses pretty nice bread.

        I love the classic Madness, but I actually prefer the Peggy Special, which is the same thing except with turkey.

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          Nothing like nostalgia topped with bacon! Thanks so much to all of you! That doesn't sound too tough to recreate at home- I'll give it a try soon!

          1. re: HappyDiner

            One step that the recipe above leaves out - the chicken breast is hit with garlic powder and cayenne pepper before being thrown on the griddle.

        2. Man, now I really want a Chicken Madness. It was a staple for me when I was a poor grad student at Georgetown! I might have to make a stop at Wisemiller's this weekend. Thanks for reminding me how good they are! You are not just being nostalgic!

          1. Cayenne and garilc powder while it's cooking too, and Utz chips, pickle spear and can of soda (Sprite recommended).