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Jul 8, 2007 12:25 PM

Port Townsend, Port Angeles, Washington

Any delightful, delicious eating experiences around this area of the Olympic Peninsula? Restaurants, roadside taco stands, coffeehouses.... I'm looking for recommendations. Thanks!

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  1. You won't find any taco stands, and if that's what you're used to, you should avoid the area's Mexican altogether.
    Just about any coffee shop is a safe bet. All will at least have atmosphere. I enjoy the Buzz coffee shop in Sequim, across the street from Hurricane Coffee on Sequim Avenue. They also serve interesting ice cream flavors and great sweets.
    The Indian restaurant across from the PA pier impressed me during my last visit. Just about any Thai restaurant will top what I now get in San Diego, CA.
    As for Port Townsend, no particular restaurant comes to mind, but look for something with the special PT atmosphere. I love going to Port Townsend!

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      There is a taco truck on Carlsborg Road that I've heard good things about. Alderwood Bistro in Sequim has been delightful.

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        Wow, a taco truck in my hometown! How things have changed. I'll be there next week and will check it out.

    2. The Wild Coho, and Silverwater are two very nice places in Port Townsend.

      1. In Port Townsend, we tend to eat exclusively at Silverwater except for breakfast, which is now always at Otter Crossing by the marina - big sunny room, great coffee, great food (blueberry crepes with lemon cream, wow!).

        We also had a really fun dinner at the Ajax Cafe in Port Hadlock - as I recall, the food was edible, but the main attraction was the restaurants vast collection of hats, which each customer was expected to choose from - in some cases, a single hat would travel around the room until it found the perfect person.

        In Port Angeles, I can recommend getting bacon pretty much anywhere - I've never eaten so much good bacon in one weekend. I had a nice breakfast at a place called Haven, in downtown - slow, but great food and very cozy. A surprisingly great dinner at a funky place called Joy's Wine Bistro - goofy decor and very casual service, but my mother and I shared a plate of roast duck with farro that was out of this world.

        1. We really enjoyed Ajax in Port Hadlock last year & plan to go there again this year:

          1. In Port Townsend:
            Best Mexican food = El Serape on Water St.
            Best Pizza= Waterfront Pizza on Water St.
            Best breakfast= The Spruce Goose at the airport on Rt 20 south of town